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Wednesday, December 08, 2021

3 Things

Our flagship daily news show, where hosts Shashank Bhargava and Snigdha Sharma talk to in-house experts about what is going on and why you need to care about it.

3 ThingsOur flagship daily news show, where hosts Shashank Bhargava and Snigdha Sharma talk to in-house experts about what is going on and why you need to care about it.
Episode 69 July 2, 2018

Rumours leading to lynchings in Tripura

Lynchings in Tripura, Unilever's environmental racism, prosthetic limbs through Right to Education Act

Episode 68 June 29, 2018

Patthalgari supporters in a stand-off against Jharkhand police

Patthalgari movement in Jharkhand, Rupee at all time low, AP MLA sleeps in crematorium

Episode 67 June 28, 2018

Why did four actresses leave the Association of Malayalam Movie Actors?

Four actresses quit AMMA, the Amarnath Yatra, Facebook meeting with the Election Commission

Episode 66 June 27, 2018

Is the Yo-Yo test a good way to select cricketers?

The creator of the Yo Yo test doesn't think it's a good way to select cricketers, drug price regulation, PM Modi at the 3rd annual AIIB meeting.

Episode 65 June 26, 2018

Chaos surrounding separation of immigrant families in the US

Chaos surrounding separation of immigrant families in the US, abuse in drug de-addiction centres in NCR, Taiwanese government on same-sex marriage

Episode 64 June 25, 2018

What is happening with the CPM in Kerala?

The CPM and 2019 elections in Kerala, PNB recovering bad loans quickly, Grihalakshmi breastfeeding cover controversy

Episode 63 June 22, 2018

Panama Papers: The Aftermath

Panama Papers- new names, updates and the aftermath of the 2016 leak

Episode 62 June 21, 2018

It’s underdog season at the 2018 FIFA Football World Cup

FIFA WorldCup 2018 updates, PDP-BJP alliance broken, cab service for senior citizens

Episode 61 June 20, 2018

A status update on Jammu and Kashmir

Kashmir ceasefire not extended, UNHRC report on human rights violations, burden of family planning on women

Episode 60 June 19, 2018

What happened at the NITI Aayog meeting?

Agenda for the NITI Aayog meeting, New India 2022, Vijay Mallya may be the first economic fugitive.

Episode 59 June 18, 2018

Is the Mission Buniyaad Scheme a step in the right direction?

Buniyaad scheem, Railtel wifi, General Motors' first female CEO and CFO

Episode 58 June 15, 2018

Manual scavenging: a report

Manual scavenging, Arvind Kejriwal's sit-in, FIFA World Cup 2018

Episode 57 June 14, 2018

How difficult is it to bring fugitives back to India to stand trial?

Extradition of Indian fugitives, Rescue of a stork, celebrity chef finds Muslim family that rescue him during Bombay riots.

Episode 56 June 13, 2018

Have we entered an age of agricultural surplus?

Lateral entry into bureaucracy, India's era of agricultural surplus and Rohingya refugees finding informal work in Bangladesh.

Episode 55 June 12, 2018

How rumours on social media led to the deaths of two men in Assam

Connecting doctors through Whatsapp, social media rumours leading to lynching of Assamese men, Kenyan artist using flip flops to save marine biodiversity.

Episode 54 June 11, 2018

Open spaces for Muslims to pray are dwindling

Open prayer spaces for Muslims in Gurgaon decreasing, writers making art accessible to children, building blocks of life found on Mars.

Episode 53 June 8, 2018

Good news for India’s health indicators

Political interventions by the Church, decline in Maternal Mortality Rate and the national river linking project.

Episode 52 June 7, 2018

The dismal state of an MCD school and what it means

The dismal state of an MCD Delhi school, drunk tanks revived in Russia, Bangalore police rescuing an abandoned baby.

Episode 51 June 6, 2018

Have CBSE marks been spiked?

Why so many CBSE students seem to have specifically scored 95, why no one is bidding on Air India and why there is trouble between the Adivasis and Lambadas in north Telangana.

Episode 50 June 5, 2018

Why was there a mass conversion of Dalits to Buddhism in Haryana?

In our 50th episode, we discuss the mass conversion of Dalits to Buddhism in Haryana, Sunil Chhetri's 100th International match and the first visually challenged female IAS officer.

Episode 49 June 4, 2018

Why was a curfew imposed on Shillong?

Farmers 10-day strike may affect upcoming Madhya Pradesh elections, city-wide unrest in Shillong, Saudi activists fighting the driving ban languish in jail. 

Episode 48 June 1, 2018

What does the Kairana bypoll mean for 2019?

Significance of the Kairana bypolls for the 2019 elections, link between encounters and militant recruitment in the Kashmir valley, Bengali Hindu population in Assam is not supportive of the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016

Episode 47 May 31, 2018

Why was a 14-year old illegally detained by the Noida police?

Minor illegally detained by the police in Noida, Rituparno Ghosh's fifth death anniversary, reasons for and impact of the nationwide public sector bank strike.

Episode 46 May 30, 2018

Will the order to shut down Sterlite stand in court?

Nityanand Jayaraman on why the order to shut down Sterlite Copper may not stand in court, effect on India's copper production, healthcare in the capital may become more affordable

Episode 45 May 29, 2018

What does Rajnath Singh have to say about 4 years of BJP governance

Rajnath Singh on four years of governance, minorities facing the brunt of Bihar's Prohibition law, how Michael Jackson managed to do his 45 degree forward tilt in 'Smooth Criminal'.