3 Things

Our flagship daily news show, where hosts Neha Mathews and Shashank Bhargava talk to in-house experts about what is going on and why you need to care about it

3 ThingsOur flagship daily news show, where hosts Neha Mathews and Shashank Bhargava talk to in-house experts about what is going on and why you need to care about it
Episode 26 May 2, 2018

The story of how DNA testing identified a suicide bomber

How DNA testing helped the governments of India and Saudi Arabia establish the identity of the suicide bomber in the 2016 attack on the US consulate in Jeddah.

Episode 25 May 1, 2018

Is village electrification in India really complete?

The electrification of villages, and the Lalit Kala Akademi’s plan to digitize its collection.

Episode 24 April 30, 2018

What is going on with the appointment of Justice KM Joseph?

Banks auditing loan accounts over 50 crore, the rejection of the nomination of Justice KM Joseph, and Avengers: Infinity War

Episode 23 April 26, 2018

What does the lifting of AFSPA in parts of the northeast mean?

Lifting the AFSPA in parts of the northeast, minimum support price, and Gautam Gambhir steps down as captain of the Delhi Daredevils

Episode 22 April 25, 2018

What went down at the Commonwealth Games 2018

Mihir Vasavda chats with us about the high points, the low points and what could come next in the Commonwealth Games.

Episode 21 April 24, 2018

Electric vehicles: Are they a real possibility?

The possibilities and challenges of electric vehicles in India, Sriram Veera brings us up to speed on the IPL.

Episode 20 April 23, 2018

Why is the death penalty for rape a problematic decision?

The rape punishment ordinance, the attempt to impeach the Chief Justice of India, possible reasons for the cash crunch.

Episode 19 April 19, 2018

Where did the people of India come from originally?

Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony to the Senate and the Congress, a study of migration into the Indian subcontinent.

Episode 18 April 18, 2018

How Syria is using chemical weapons against its own citizens

Syria's use of chemical weapons, proposal to use 2011 Census figures in tax allocations, candidates to stand for election from 2 constituencies in the same election.

Episode 17 April 17, 2018

What’s it like inside India’s jails?

Conditions in India’s jails, Pricing problems with the energy sector, How Dr B.R. Ambedkar became a Dalit icon.

Episode 16 April 16, 2018

What are the conditions in Rohingya refugee camps around Delhi?

Conditions in Rohingya refugee camps in and around Delhi, Renewable energy in India.

Episode 15 April 12, 2018

Special edition: Siddhartha Mukherjee on genetics and artificial intelligence

Special edition: Excerpt of Siddhartha Mukherjee's interview about the intersection between genetics and artificial intelligence.

Episode 14 April 11, 2018

Why is the privacy of personal data important?

Data privacy, Return of banned IPL teams, Australian Cricket Board cracks down hard on ball tampering.

Episode 13 April 10, 2018

What is behind anti-reservation sentiment in India?

The state of the Yamuna, Short history of anti-reservation sentiment, Marketing and money in the IPL.

Episode 12 April 9, 2018

Aadhar: a good thing or a bad thing?

Roads, benefits and dangers of the Aadhaar initiative, 10 years of the IPL.

Episode 11 April 5, 2018

How is India’s electricity infrastructure?

India-Nepal relationship, University autonomy, India’s electricity infrastructure.

Episode 10 April 4, 2018

What is changing about university autonomy?

Infrastructure in India today, the new system of university autonomy, significance of the Karnataka state elections.

Episode 09 April 3, 2018

What is going on with Chanda Kochhar and Videocon?

Chanda Kochar and Videocon, consequences of a US-China trade war for India, ComicCon.

Episode 08 April 2, 2018

Why is the Supreme Court order on the SC/ST Atrocities Act problematic?

Supreme Court order on the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, schemes by Sports Minister Rajyavardan Rathore.

Episode 07 March 29, 2018

Has the Sardar Sarovar Dam run out of water?

Sardar Sarovar Dam, India's relations with Pakistan at a worrying low, Commonwealth Games.