3 Things

Our flagship daily news show, where hosts Neha Mathews and Shashank Bhargava talk to in-house experts about what is going on and why you need to care about it

3 ThingsOur flagship daily news show, where hosts Neha Mathews and Shashank Bhargava talk to in-house experts about what is going on and why you need to care about it
Episode 171 November 21, 2018

Why the Marathas got a quota despite their political dominance

Understanding the Maratha quota, what measures the RBI is planning on taking, "fake children" registered in UP anganwadis.

Episode 170 November 20, 2018

Why is there an anti-Modi sentiment amongst MP farmers?

Why demonetisation is still affecting farmers in Madhya Pradesh, the explosive allegations in CBI Joint Director MK Sinha's petition and an impact crater that could hold insights into the ice age climate.

Episode 169 November 19, 2018

What’s killing India’s elephants?

On this episode of 3 Things, Prerna Bindra, who is one of India's leading environmental journalists and travel writers, joins us to discuss the elephant deaths in Odisha, destruction of habitat and how we can...

Episode 168 November 16, 2018

Why Hindu nationalists are gathering in Ayodhya again

VHP and Shiv Sena together plan to organize a rally in Ayodhya, India begins to diplomatically engage with the Taliban and a plea is filled to regulate the functioning of online steaming platforms.

Episode 167 November 15, 2018

Why the BJP might be changing its stance on the NRC

BJP seems to be changing it's stance on the NRC, ASI accused of replacing stones at the Sun Temple and one of the biggest names in corporate India resigns.

Episode 166 November 14, 2018

The politics of renaming India’s cities

Sohail Hashmi discusses why history is being distorted in the recent renaming of cities. Measures taken by websites to combat fake news during election season. An update on Cyclone Gaja.

Episode 165 November 13, 2018

Why it’s sometimes necessary to kill one tiger to save the rest

In this episode, Jay Mazoomdar joins us to discuss conservation efforts, an increase in man-animal conflicts and why one tiger may have to die to protect the rest of the species.

Episode 164 November 12, 2018

Why the Congress manifesto for MP has hues of saffron in it?

The Congress party in Madhya Pradesh releases their manifesto, Chattisgarh goes to polls today and the Pune Municipal Corporation finds a new to make streets cleaner.

Episode 163 November 9, 2018

How Delhi firefighters spend Diwali

The Delhi Fire Service received a total number of 271 calls this Diwali, the movie 'Sarkar' causes political agitation and Asia Bibi is freed from prison.

Episode 162 November 8, 2018

Why did the protests in Mizoram break out?

Why Mizos are protesting against the Chief Electoral Officer, Kashmir football through the eyes of a legendary Captain and new words added to the Collins dictionary.

Episode 161 November 7, 2018

What do the Karnataka by-polls indicate for the 2019 elections?

What the JDS-Congress victory in Karnataka by-polls mean for the 2019 elections and the new challenge in the man-eating tiger controversy.

Episode 160 November 6, 2018

How 31 Aravalli hills disappeared and how will it affect us?

We look at why the Aravalli mountain range is so vulnerable to mining, how laws fail to protect it and how important they are to our ecosystem.

Episode 159 November 5, 2018

Why has Sardar Patel become an icon for Hindu nationalists?

How Sardar Patel became an icon for Hindu nationalists, what makes kids particularly vulnerable to air pollution and T1 and Anvi the man-eating tigress is killed.

Episode 158 November 2, 2018

Explained: The Hashimpura Massacre

How the Hashimpura massacre unraveled, what the recent verdict said and what the survivors and family of victims have to say about delayed justice.

Episode 157 November 1, 2018

The tussle between RBI and the central government

We try and understand the major points of contention between the RBI and the central goverment.

Episode 156 October 31, 2018

Explained: The Sri Lankan political crisis

We try and unpack the on going constitutional crisis in Sri Lanka: the three key players involved, what led up to this moment and what all has happened since.

Episode 155 October 30, 2018

Is the Andhra CM meddling in Telangana politics?

The Andhra Pradesh CM is allegedly meddling in Telangana elections, Sainik Schools in Mizoram have started to admit girls and a Lion Air plane crashed into Indonesian seas.

Episode 154 October 29, 2018

Why Bhutan matters to India

Bhutan elects a new government in power, I-League begins and Titanic II (Titanic's replica) to set sail in 2022.

Episode 153 October 26, 2018

What is the Aircel-Maxis case about?

Enforcement Directorate files a charge sheet against P Chidambaram, injectible contraceptives have become a tool of empowerment for women in rural India and Jasmine Days by Benyamin wins the JCB Prize for Literature.

Episode 152 October 25, 2018

The Paytm ‘extortion’ case

Three arrested for allegedly extorting Paytm founder, important witness in the Kerala nun rape case found dead and Virat Kohli became the fastest player to score 10,000 runs in ODI.