VIDEO: Now, some divine help for animals in Brazil

VIDEO: Now, some divine help for animals in Brazil

PETA has maintained that animals aren't ours, they are Gods.

God, it seems, is not the exclusive domain of humans. For, in Sao Paulo, even sick animals get a bit of divine help.

In the city, people prefer to take sick pets to Spiritualist Association of Friends of Animals instead of the vet because they believe that the healing power of God will reach animals too.

This ‘Spiritual Centre for animals’ in Brazil might prove quite contradictory to beliefs of the Catholic Church and other religious groups. In fact, 58.20 per cent of Sao Paulo’s citizens are Catholics who believe that unlike humans, animals have no souls and therefore have no life after death.

However, last December while addressing the crowd at the Vatican in St. Peter’s square Pope Francis said that dogs along with all God’s creature go to heaven. “One day we will see our animals in the eternity of Christ. Paradise is open to all God’s creature”

PETA and other animal rights groups will surely laud this new spiritual attempt as PETA has maintained that animals aren’t ours, they are Gods.

Text by Komal Nadig