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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Mitt Romney demonising China is very dangerous: Obama campaign

The campaign has lashed out at Republican presidential candidate for anti-China rhetoric.

Written by Agencies | Charlotte (north Carolina) | Published: September 5, 2012 10:06:47 am

The Obama Campaign has lashed out at Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for anti-China rhetoric like launching a trade war against it,and noted that such moves could be very dangerous for the United States.

“When I listen to the two campaigns,I hear a very different tone and very different rhetoric from the two on China,” Michele Flournoy,Obama For America Advisor,told reporters at a news conference.

US President Barack Obama,Flournoy said,has talked consistently about building a comprehensive and cooperative relationship with China,about working together on the broad range of issues where we have common interests,on welcoming China’s rise as an economic partner and so forth and so on.

“Obviously,where we have differences,we’re having all kinds of candid dialogue about that,and we work those out behind closed doors,” she said.

“What concerns me is the harsh rhetoric coming out of the Romney campaign,again,talking about China in a way that would sound like they’re going to start a trade war early on,sort of demonising China.

“I think that is very dangerous,” Flournoy said in response to a question.

“China is a very important country that we have to work with closely in Asia,and what we say in campaigns we have to be responsible,because whoever ultimately governs have a very positive and cooperative and productive relationship with China even as we work through our differences,” Flournoy said.

“He talks about China and Russia in Cold War terms without recognising the ways in which we must work with both of these countries on key challenges like confronting Iran.

“And we can do that; we can cooperate when we have shared interest,even as we can be very candid and stand up for issues where we disagree,” Flournoy said in response to a question.

“Romney also likes to criticise President Obama on Iran,but frankly he has offered no alternative plan.

“And when pressed what he would do differently,he basically describes current US policy,except to say that he might be willing to use force much more quickly and

potentially risk another war in the Middle East,” she said.

Colin Kahl,Obama For America Advisor and Former Senior Pentagon Official,said that the only time Romney mentions Europe in speeches is when he says,”We don’t want to become Europe”.

“In other words,our closest and longest-standing allies in the world are in Europe. They’re fighting alongside us in Afghanistan.

We went together in Libya. They support us on Iran. They support us on a whole host of foreign policy issues,and this Administration,has their back and is in close consultation,” he said.

Kahl said that Romney camp has decided instead that the best way to talk about Europe is to use them as a political punching bag to appeal to their base,which may or may not be good politics for them.

“So just like naming Russia the number one geopolitical foe or promising a trade war with China on day one of a Romney administration,using Europe as a punching bag is not a particularly a good way to set yourself up to confidently lead the greatest country on earth and partner with other countries,including our close allies in Europe,” he said.

“Remember,it was the previous Republican administration that denigrated Europe in the lead-up to the war in Iraq,and we’re just now recovering from the tensions and those relationships.

“So I think it’s worth remember that little piece of history,” Kahl said.

Meanwhile,Romney Campaign strongly denied the allegations.

“President Obama thinks visiting our closest ally in the Middle East is a ‘distraction,’ that Hugo Chavez is not a ‘serious’ threat,and that the right response to Russia is to promise more ‘flexibility’ in exchange for giving him ‘space’ before the election,” Andrea Saul,spokesperson of the Romney Campaign said.

“On the economic front,President Obama wasted hundreds of billions of dollars on a big government agenda that has resulted in record debt,declining salaries and 42 consecutive months of unemployment above eight per cent.

“Mitt Romney will restore American strength and resolve to protect our interests abroad and will strengthen the middle class and create jobs here at home,” Saul said responding to the allegations from the Obama Campaign.

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