Boy lost in Australian bush saved by friendly kangaroo

Boy lost in Australian bush saved by friendly kangaroo

The animal protected the boy from the chilly night and the wilderness.

A seven-year-old boy who spent a freezing night lost in an Australian bush says a friendly kangaroo saved his life by keeping him warm throughout the chilly conditions.

Simon Kruger and his family were having lunch at Conservation Park,south of Adelaide,last week when the boy wandered off into scrub to pick flowers for his mother.

However,the child became too turned-around to find his way back,’TreeHugger’ reported.

During the night,with their son still missing,Simon’s parents and a team of rescuers scoured the area in search of the boy,but their efforts proved fruitless.


However,during the chilly night and the unforgiving wild,the missing child apparently encountered a friendly kangaroo who he says helped save him from the chill.

According to Simon,he fed the bouquet of wildflowers to the friendly animal which he had been collecting earlier.

Eventually,the animal laid down and fell asleep next to him,offering comfort and body-heat to the distraught child.

It wasn’t until 24 hours later,as helicopters joined in the search,that Simon was discovered and airlifted,the report said.

Simon’s mother says she knew the boy’s account was true as soon as she smelled his clothes.

“I think it was a miracle,when I smell his jacket,it’s kangaroo,bush and kangaroo!”,Linda Kruger told 7News.