Angry at resolution,protesters in Bangladesh target Pak High Commission

Angry at resolution,protesters in Bangladesh target Pak High Commission

Pakistan had passed a resolution against Mollah Quader's execution.

Several people were injured in Bangladesh on Thursday when hundreds of demonstrators clashed with police outside the Pakistani High Commission at capital Dhaka as they protested for the second day against resolutions adopted by Pakistani lawmakers over the hanging of a top Islamist leader for 1971 war crimes.

At least eight of ‘Ganajagaran Mancha’,which spearheads the campaign for the execution of war criminals,were arrested as they tried to make their way to the high commission for the second day to lay a siege.

Several youngsters were injured as police charged batons to drive them off,activists of the Mancha said. Chief spokesman of the Mancha Imran H Sarkar,injured during the protests,was being treated at a hospital in the city along with other activists.

“A number of our fellow workers were hospitalised due to the police action…that arrested eight of our friends,” leading activist of the Mancha Lucky Akhtar told reporters.


The “Ganajagaran Mancha” or “the stage of mass upsurge” took to the street afresh as a 20-hour ultimatum issued by it to sever diplomatic ties with Pakistan expired on the day.

Last week,Bangladesh executed Jamaat-e-Islami Assistant Secretary General Abdul Quader Mollah for ‘crimes against humanity’ committed during the liberation war by siding with the Pakistani troops.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina blasted Pakistan on Tuesday night,saying “by passing the resolution at National Assembly,Pakistan has proved that it never accepted the victory of Bangladesh in the Liberation War of 1971”.

Hasina also told a meeting of Awami League-led grand alliance that those who collaborated with Pakistan in 1971 “will not get any shelter on Bangladeshi soil” and reiterated her pledge to continue to execute court orders.

Pakistan’s National Assembly three days ago adopted a resolution saying,”This (Pakistani) House expresses deep concern on hanging of a veteran politician of Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh for supporting Pakistan in 1971″. The Provincial Assembly in Pakistan’s Punjab also adopted a similar resolution.

Awami League’s international sub-committee,meanwhile,urged the government to curtail relations with Pakistan while Bangladesh’s foreign office on Tuesday summoned Pakistani High Commissioner Afrasiab Mehdi Hashmi Qureshi to convey Dhaka’s strong resentment over the resolutions.