Donald Trump says he was against Iraq war all along

Donald Trump says he was against Iraq war all along

US election campaign: Democratic rival Hillary Clinton charged Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump of having supported Iraq war.

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump meets with students and educators before speaking about school choice, Thursday, September 8, 2016, at Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy in Cleveland. (Source: AP Photo)

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Thursday said he was against the Iraq war all along despite Democratic rival Hillary Clinton’s charge that he supported it.

Trump used the start of a speech about education at a charter school in Cleveland to push back at Clinton’s statement that his position on Iraq is pretty much like hers: She voted for the 2003 war as a US senator from New York but has since disavowed the vote.

At an NBC forum on Wednesday night, Clinton pointed to a 2002 interview Trump gave to radio host Howard Stern to say that Trump had supported the war.

Trump, however, said he did plenty of other interviews closer to the start of the war in which he said it was a bad idea. He read some of his own comments from 2003 and 2004 from a piece of paper.