US elections 2016: You don’t make America great by getting rid of everything that made America great, says Hillary on Trump

Hillary Clinton says she doesn't have the same policies of the "current administration" and would move to "stop the raids" and "stop the roundups."

By: AP | Washington | Updated: March 10, 2016 10:53:54 am
Bernie sanders, Hillary Clinton, US presidential elections, US elections 2016, Sanders Clinton, Democratic debate Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton takes selfies with supporters before speaking during a rally at Cuyahoga Community College Tuesday, March 8, 2016, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton got some laughs on Thursday by saying Donald Trump wants to build “a beautiful, tall wall” that will “magically” be paid for by the Mexican government.

Her comments came in response to a question at Wednesday’s Democratic presidential debate in Miami on whether her vote as a New York senator to build a wall on the Southern border differs from Trump’s plan, which she has called ridiculous.

Here are the latest on 2016 presidential sweepstakes following primaries and caucuses Tuesday in Michigan, Mississippi, Idaho and Hawaii.

10:00 am: “This is what I think. I think that the American people are never going to elect a president who insults Mexicans, who insults Muslims, who insults women, who insults African-Americans,” Sanders said

9:20 am: Bernie voted against the Iraq War and regime change in Libya because he feared what would happen the day after. Unfortunately, he was right, says Sanders.

9:10 am: It’s a lot easier to get from 90% coverage to 100% than to start over. We need to build on and protect the Affordable Care Act, says Hillary.

9:18 am: “Puerto Ricans are citizens of America. They deserve to be treated as citizens.” —Hillary

9:05 am: Only one candidate has a plan to get to universal health care coverage. How would Hillary Clinton get there? says Sanders.

9:00 am: Sec. Clinton is arguing that the U.S. should continue to be the only major country that doesn’t guarantee health care to all people, says Sanders

9:00 am:

8:3o am: Let’s stop the racism. Let’s stop the xenophobia. Let’s stop Trump, says Bernie Sanders

8:20 am:

8:15 am: Why does Hillary Clinton think it’s okay for Trump’s kids to go to elementary, middle, and high schools for free, but not colleges? says Sanders.

8:15 am:

8:10 am:

6:35 am: Clinton says she doesn’t have the same policies of the “current administration” and would move to “stop the raids” and “stop the roundups.”

6:35 am: Clinton vowed at Wednesday’s Democratic president debate not to deport children and immigrants without a criminal record. She said she will prioritize deporting violent criminals, terrorists and those who threaten the nation’s safety.

6:30 am: Clinton says responsible legislators chose to improve border security with more agents and some fencing when needed, and as a result the country has lower rates of illegal immigration.

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