US being attacked by Toxic extremist group within Islam: Senator

US being attacked by Toxic extremist group within Islam: Senator

Senator Jeff Sessions said in an interview that Obama administration are out of touch with reality

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The weapons which were used by Omar Mateen in Orlando shooting. (Source: AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli,file)

Strongly defending the anti-Muslim rhetoric of Donald Trump, a close confidant of the Republican presumptive presidential nominee on Sunday said a “very toxic” extremist group within Islam is attacking the US.

“The whole (Obama) administrative agenda is out of touch with the reality. We have a very toxic extremist group within Islam that is attacking the United States,” Senator Jeff Sessions told the Fox News in an interview.

“We have convicted or charged 580 people since 9/11, almost all Islamic terrorist threats. This is a real threat to America. We need to do much more to defend ourselves against it,” he said.


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Sessions said the threat of Islamic extremism was expanding.


“President Obama won’t even call the name of the threat. So, that’s the kind of thing that if he is not going to leave, not going to be able to be a force for protecting our security, maybe he should step aside. I think that’s what Trump was saying,” Sessions said in defense of Trump.

Sessions claimed Democratic leaders were pushing to try to create an impression that guns were the responsible cause of the attack in Orlando, when it is really a toxic ideology.

“That’s what caused it. That’s what seduced this man into doing this kind of thing,” he said.

“And we can tighten up the law some, it won’t make a big difference in my opinion in securing America’s safety. But people on the terrorist watch list, I believe, should be denied the right to get a gun, but they should have a chance to protest that they’re wrongfully on the list. I think that’s fair and we should be able to reach language,” he said.

A day earlier Trump said that no one on the terror watch list should be able to buy a gun.