Timeline: A look at deadly attacks carried out under Taliban’s Mullah Mansour

A timeline of deadly attacks that took place under the Mullah Mansour.

By: AP | Islamabad | Published: May 22, 2016 9:32:51 pm
Taliban, Mullah Akhtar Mansour, Taliban chief, Taliban chief killed, Taliban chief drone strike, Pakistan Taliban chief This photo taken by freelance photographer Abdul Malik on Saturday, May 21, 2016, purports to show volunteers standing near the wreckage of the destroyed vehicle, in which Mullah Mohammad Akhtar Mansour was allegedly traveling in the Ahmed Wal area in Baluchistan province of Pakistan, near Afghanistan border. (AP Photo/Abdul Malik)

Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Akhtar Mansour’s rule saw several devastating attacks in Afghanistan, particularly the capital Kabul. It was also during Mansour’s brief rule, which ended with his death in a drone strike, that the Taliban, albeit briefly, took control of the northern city of Kunduz and held it for four days.

A look at some recent attacks:

May 25, 2015: The Taliban launch a deadly attack on Afghan Security forces in southern Helmand province, killing 19 police and seven soldiers.

June 13, 2015: The Taliban attack another Afghan security outpost in southern Helmand province, killing 11 security personnel.

June 22, 2015: The Taliban launch a coordinated assault outside the Afghan Parliament in the capital, Kabul. A vehicle packed with explosives blew up outside the Parliament gates and six Taliban armed with Kalashnikovs and rocket propelled grenade launchers laid siege until they were killed by Afghan Security Forces. Two civilians were reported killed and several others injured.

July 7, 2015: The Taliban stage two separate suicide bombings in Kabul, killing at least one person and wounding three, including a NATO soldier.

Aug. 7, 2015: A series of attacks kill at least 44 people and wound over 300 in one day in Kabul.

Aug. 22, 2015: A suicide bomber attacks a convoy in Kabul, killing four U.S. contractors.

Sept. 14, 2015: More than 350 inmates escape after an attack by Taliban insurgents on the main prison in eastern Ghazni province.

October 2015: The Taliban stage a coordinated strike on Kunduz, surrounding the city, forcing Afghan government forces out and taking control of the city. It was the first time the Taliban took an Afghan city since being ousted from power in 2001. The Taliban held on to the city for four days, eventually being driven out by Afghan Security Forces backed by U.S. air strikes.

Jan. 5, 2016: A U.S soldier is killed and another two injured in battle in Helmand province between Afghan National Security Forces and the Taliban.

Feb. 1, 2016: A suicide bomber detonates his explosives outside an Afghan Civil Police building, killing at least 20 people.

March 2, 2016: The Taliban attack the Indian Consulate in eastern Jalalabad, killing four Afghans. No Indian nationals are hurt

April 19, 2016: In one of the deadliest attacks on Kabul, a suicide bomber backed by heavily armed militants kills 64 people and wounds hundreds more.

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