Democratic Party’s role is to hold President-elect Trump accountable: Bernie Sanders

Sanders said if Trump has the courage to try to work forward go forward to create a better life for working people, the Democratic Party will work with him on issue by issue.

By: PTI | Washington | Published: November 13, 2016 11:58:35 pm
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Democratic Party’s role after losing the presidential election now is to hold President- elect Donald Trump accountable, former White House aspirant Bernie Sanders said on Sunday. “He (Trump) won the election. I did everything I could to see that he not become elected, but he won. Our job now is to hold him accountable,” Sanders, who lost to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the primaries, told CBS News.

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“Mr. Trump claimed that he was the champion of the working class of this country. And, as you know, there are millions people who are working longer hours for low wages. They don’t have any health care. They can’t afford to send their kids to college. They can’t afford child care,” the 75-year-old Vermont Senator said

Sanders said if Trump has the courage to take on Wall Street, to take on the drug companies, to try to work forward go forward to create a better life for working people, the Democratic Party will work with him on issue by issue “But if his presidency is going to be about discrimination, if it’s going to be about scapegoating immigrants or scapegoating African-Americans or Muslims, we will oppose him vigorously,” Sanders said

Now that the Democrats have lost the White House, House of Representatives and the Senate, it is time for the part leadership to do a lot of rethinking and ask themselves, how does it happen that they have a President, a US Senate, House, and most governorships around this country that are controlled by people who want to give huge tax breaks to billionaires, in many instances, want to cut social security and medicare and medicaid, Sanders said

He called for introspection as to how people who do not even believe in the concept, the understanding of climat change, which is virtually unanimously agreed to by the scientific community have been elected to the offices. “How does it happen that they win elections and Democrats lose? And I think what the conclusion is, is that Democrat are focused too much with a liberal elite, which is raising incredible sums of money from wealthy people in the upper middle class, but has ignored to a very significant degree the working class and the middle class and low-income people in this country,” Sanders rued

“Look, the truth is, in my view, this country is moving toward an oligarchic form of society, where a handful o billionaires and large corporations control the economy. As a result of Citizens United, they now control our politica system, where the Koch brothers and the billionaires can buy elections,” he alleged

“They have undue influence over the media as well. What the Democratic Party has got to say to workin people, we are on your side. You know what? We are going to take on Wall Street. We’re not going to take their money
We’re going to lower the cost of prescription drugs. We’re going to raise the minimum wage. We’re not going to be the only country, major country on Earth that doesn’t guarantee health care to all people,” he added.


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