Congo: UN peacekeepers kill seven, as inter-ethnic tensions continue

Congo: UN peacekeepers kill seven, as inter-ethnic tensions continue

There were no reported casualties among the UN troops after the operations, as per reports

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The UN peacekeeping forces got into gun battle with militias in Congo in the small town of Buleusa, in North Kivu.

United Nations peacekeepers killed seven rebels in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo on Thursday as part of operations to tamp down rising inter-ethnic tensions in the area, the UN mission said on Friday.

South African troops from the UN Force Intervention Brigade fired on members of a primarily Kobo and Nande militia after they tried to prevent aid workers giving out food to Hutu civilians in a displacement camp in the town of Buleusa in North Kivu province, mission spokesman Charles Bambara said.

Eleven other militiamen were wounded while the rest fled, Bambara added. The UN troops suffered no casualties.


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The UN intervention in Buleusa follows a week of surging tensions between Hutus and the Kobo and Nande communities after rumours spread that members of the FDLR, a Hutu militia with officers implicated in the 1994 Rwandan genocide, had infiltrated displaced persons camps.


Nande and Kobo militiamen killed at least four Hutus and burned hundreds of their huts in Buleusa on Monday, according to Samuel Ntaota, a spokesman for the local Hutu community.

Ethnic rivalries, foreign invasions and competition for mineral-rich land have stoked persistent conflict among eastern Congo’s dozens of rebel groups over the last two decades, costing millions of lives.