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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Clintons to be joined by US President Barack Obama and First Lady in final rally

"At her final rally Hillary will campaign in Philadelphia, joined by President Obama and Michelle Obama, former President Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton, on November 7," the Clinton Campaign said.

By: PTI | Jacksonville | Published: November 4, 2016 4:35:05 am
Hillary Clinton, Clinton campaign, Barack obama, Obamas, first lady Michelle Obama, US elections 2016, US presidential elections, Donald Trump, republican trump, Hillary Clinton, democratic clinton, US presidential candidates, world news, indian express Democratic US presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speaks at a campaign rally at Pitt Community College in Winterville, North Carolina on Thursday. (Source: Reuters)

In a show of solidarity, the outgoing US President Barack Obama and the First Lady, would join the Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, in her final rally in Philadelphia on Monday before the November 8 general elections. “At her final rally before Election Day, Hillary will campaign in Philadelphia, joined by President Obama and Michelle Obama, former President Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton, on Monday evening, November 7,” the Clinton Campaign said in a media release on Thursday.

In her closing remarks, Clinton will urge Pennsylvanians to make history by electing her president so she can continue pushing for the American ideals of progress, inclusion, equality and strength that our founders enshrined in the Constitution in Philadelphia in 1787, the campaign said.

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“Along with President Obama, she will also lay out how the division and dangerous views espoused by Donald Trump in his campaign make him unqualified, unfit and unworthy to lead this great nation,” it said.

“Obama will add that voting for Clinton is also a vote to build on the progress made under his presidency, such as protecting and strengthening expanded access to health care including women’s health, advancing LGBT equality, combating climate change, tackling college costs and student debt, expanding the right to vote, and more,” the Clinton Campaign said.

This week, Obama is on a campaigning spree crisscrossing key-battle ground States. So far, he has been in North Carolina and Florida. He would also be addressing an election rally in New Hampshire.

Clinton’s rival in the primaries, Senator Bernie Sanders, has also jumped in the last phase of the election with her, and is scheduled to address election rallies in Nevada, Iowa and Colorado.

The Clinton Campaign also released a new TV ad on Thursday that demonstrates the dangers of what a Trump presidency means for the United States.

“Under a Trump presidency, Americans are divided by their gender, race and creed. Women are diminished to a number and their consent is no matter. African-Americans live in poverty with no jobs, no education, no future,” the campaign said.

“Muslims are prone to terrorism, worthy of our suspicion and must be tracked. People with disabilities are stigmatized. Veterans aren’t strong. Immigrants are criminals and rapists who must be shipped back where they came from, regardless of the cost or number of families torn apart,” it said.

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