Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro to Donald Trump: ‘Get your pig hands out of here’

"Go home, Donald Trump!" he said in heavily accented English.

By: AP | Caracas | Published: May 20, 2017 7:41:44 am
venezuela, venezuela president, nicolas maduro, maduro trump, world news, venezuela news “Get your hands out of here. Get your pig hands out of here!” Maduro said to the US president. (AP Photo)

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro delivered his most scathing critique of US President Donald Trump, telling him to stop intervening and “get your pig hands out of here.” Speaking before a crowd of supporters, a fired-up Maduro yesterday accused Trump of promoting an interventionist policy that infringes on his socialist government’s sovereignty.

“Go home, Donald Trump!” he said in heavily accented English.

The remarks come a day after the Trump administration slapped sanctions against eight members of Venezuela’s Supreme Court, accusing them of damaging the nation’s democracy. A ruling by the court in late March stripping the opposition-controlled assembly of its remaining powers ignited a deadly wave of unrest. While Venezuelan leaders have lashed out at US presidents frequently in the past, Maduro had largely been careful not to antagonise Trump. But Trump’s repeated criticisms of the troubled South American nation appear to have struck a nerve.

Speaking alongside Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos Thursday, Trump expressed dismay at Venezuela’s crisis, asking how a country holding the nation’s largest oil reserves could be stricken by so much poverty and turmoil. Trump described Venezuela’s current state as a “disgrace to humanity.”

Nearly two months of street protests throughout Venezuela have left at least 46 people dead. Demonstrators are demanding new elections and blaming Maduro for the nation’s triple-digit inflation, rising crimes and vast food shortages. Trump’s comments and US sanctions against Venezuelan officials played to the government’s longstanding accusations of US imperialism.

“Get your hands out of here. Get your pig hands out of here!” Maduro said to the US president.

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