UAE firm plans to haul iceberg from Antarctica to solve water problem

UAE firm plans to haul iceberg from Antarctica to solve water problem

Billed as the "UAE Iceberg Project", the project will be executed in 2018.

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The firm claims that one iceberg could provide enough water for one million people over five years. (Representational)

In a bid to tackle the water scarcity in United Arab Emirates, a private firm based in Masdar City claims it can solve the problem by towing an iceberg from Antartica. The firm, National Advisor Bureau, plans to send across a ship to the south pole and haul the iceberg nearly 12,600 km to Fujairah, one of the seven emirates in UAE.

Once they manage to full off this mammoth feat, the firm intends to harvest gallons of fresh water. An iceberg could provide enough water for one million people over five years, the firm claims.

“Our simulator predicts that it will take up to one year [to tow an iceberg to UAE]. We have formulated the technical and financial plan. Towing is the best method. We want it mainly for the water. It could also be good for tourism and the weather,” the company’s director, Abdullah Mohammad Sulaiman Al Shehi told Gulf News.

He also claimed the presence of an iceberg may turn the arid weather in the area into a ‘moist-macro climate’, which may lead to rainfall. Billed as the “UAE Iceberg Project”, the project will be executed in 2018. Sulaiman Al Shehi said the feasibility of the projected was tested by his firm using simulators. “Blocks of ice will be chipped off and placed in giant tanks, before being filtered and processed. This is the purest water in the world”, Shehi added.