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Russia Ukraine War News Highlights: Crimea blast degraded Russian navy’s Black Sea fleet aviation capability, says UK intelligence

Ukraine War Today News, Ukraine Russia Updates, World War 3 News Highlights: Ukrainian officials are framing the Crimea strike on the Russian airforce base in Saki as the start of Ukraine's counter-offensive in the south, said ISW.

Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant near EnerhodarA view shows the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant in the course of Ukraine-Russia conflict outside the Russian-controlled city of Enerhodar in the Zaporizhzhia region, Ukraine August 4, 2022. (Reuters)

Russia Ukraine War Highlights: Russian navy’s Black Sea fleet aviation capability has been significantly degraded after the Crimea airbase blast, said UK military in a daily intelligence update on Friday. Meanwhile, as Russia and Ukraine continued to accuse each other of shelling Europe’s biggest nuclear power plant, the UN chief proposed a demilitarised zone at the site as fears of a nuclear catastrophe mounted. Russia’s UN Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia said the world was being pushed “to the brink of nuclear catastrophe, comparable in scale with Chornobyl.”

Ukraine’s Energoatom agency said the Zaporizhzhia complex was struck five times on Thursday, including near where radioactive materials are stored. Russian-appointed officials said Ukraine shelled the plant twice, disrupting a shift changeover, news agency Reuters said, quoting TASS.

The Institute for the Study of War said Ukrainian officials were framing the Crimea strike on the Russian airforce base in Saki as the start of Ukraine’s counter-offensive in the south. Their report suggests that intense fighting in August and September that could decide the outcome of the next phase of the war.

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Strikes at Ukraine nuclear plant prompt UN chief to call for demilitarised zone; India expresses concern over reports of shelling near Zaporizhzhia;  Zelenskyy demands Russia return plant to Ukraine. Read highlights here.

06:52 (IST)16 Aug 2022
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13:56 (IST)12 Aug 2022
Russian rouble eases towards 61 vs dollar, stocks up

The Russian rouble weakened slightly Friday, sliding towards 61 against the US dollar, while stock indexes inched higher but lacked momentum ahead of the weekend.

At 0750 GMT, the rouble was 0.3% weaker against the dollar at 60.81, remaining in a narrow range between 59.45 and 61.45 for the ninth trading session in a row.

Against the euro, the rouble gained 0.2% to 62.52 on the Moscow Exchange. (Reuters)

13:08 (IST)12 Aug 2022
Russia's Transneft says oil transit payment to Czech Republic has reached bank

Russia's pipeline monopoly Transneft said on Friday that payment for oil transit to the Czech Republic has reached the bank and that confirmation from Ukraine is expected, Russian state-owned news agency RIA reported.

Ukraine on August 4 suspended transit shipments to Europe after Western sanctions on Russia prevented it from receiving transit fees. (Reuters)

12:39 (IST)12 Aug 2022
Bank agrees to process Russian oil transit payment to central Europe, say sources

A European bank has agreed to process a payment for the transit of Russian oil through Ukraine, Slovak refiner Slovnaft and another source familiar with the matter said, removing the cause of a stoppage of oil supplies to central Europe last week.

The payment, if confirmed by all parties, would be a step to restoring oil flows to the Czech Republic after a week-long outage and also create conditions for future payments for transit to the region.

On Tuesday, Russian pipeline monopoly Transneft said supplies via the Druzhba pipeline had been suspended to the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia since Aug. 4 because Western sanctions prevented the payment of transit fees from Moscow to Ukraine. (Reuters)

11:29 (IST)12 Aug 2022
Crimea blast degraded Russian navy's Black Sea fleet aviation capability, says UK intelligence

Russian navy's Black Sea fleet aviation capability has been significantly degraded after the Crimea airbase blast, said UK military in a daily intelligence update on Friday. 

10:53 (IST)12 Aug 2022
Two more ships depart from Ukraine, says Turkey's defence ministry

Two more ships left from Ukraine's Black Sea ports on Friday, Turkey's defence ministry said, bringing the total number of ships to depart the country under an UN-brokered deal to 14 and marking the first export of wheat.

Belize-flagged Sormovsky left Ukraine's Chornomorsk port, carrying 3,050 tonnes of wheat to Turkey's northwestern Tekirdag province, it said. Also, Marshall Island-flagged Star Laura departed from Pivdennyi and headed to Iran, carrying 60,000 tonnes of corn. (Reuters)

10:49 (IST)12 Aug 2022
Ukraine seeks to evacuate eastern region of Donetsk before winter

Ukraine aims to evacuate two thirds of residents from areas it controls in the eastern battleground region of Donetsk before winter, partly out of concern people won't be able to stay warm living with war-damaged infrastructure, deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk said on Thursday.

According to Vereshchuk, the government plans to evacuate some 220,000 people out of around 350,000, including 52,000 children.

Late last month, Ukraine announced the mandatory evacuation of people from Donetsk to save civilian lives. Although the authorities describe the evacuation as "mandatory," residents can opt out by filling in a form declaring their intention to stay. (DW)

10:11 (IST)12 Aug 2022
New START: Russia puts nuclear weapons treaty on hold

Russia has issued a dual message: The US will not for the time being be permitted to inspect Russia's nuclear arsenals. But Moscow would comply with the terms of the treaty and is fully aware of "its unique role" as an "important instrument for maintaining international security and stability," the Russian foreign ministry said. However, the unprecedented step to suspend inspections shows what a shadow the Ukraine war has cast over relations between the two countries.

According to Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, his county's action was triggered by Washington's notification to conduct an inspection on Russian territory in the coming days. Considering the current tensions in bilateral relations, this looked in fact like an "outright provocation," Ryabkov stressed.

It is important to know that inspections have been suspended since early 2020 not because of geo-political considerations but because of the pandemic.(DW)

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09:33 (IST)12 Aug 2022
Moscow says Switzerland cannot represent Ukraine in Russia

Russia's Foreign Ministry on Thursday said Switzerland cannot represent Ukraine diplomatically in Russia, claiming a breach of neutrality.

"Unfortunately, Switzerland has lost the status of a neutral state and can act neither as a mediator nor as a representative of interests," Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ivan Nechayev told reporters Thursday.

He confirmed that Bern had formally requested that its embassy be permitted to represent the interests of Ukraine in Russia and Russian interests in Ukraine. Kyiv broke diplomatic relations with Moscow in response to Russia's invasion. (DW)

08:30 (IST)12 Aug 2022
Where is the fighting today?

➡️ The scale of damage from explosions at an air base in Russian-annexed Crimea on Tuesday and the apparent precision of an attack suggested a new capability with potential implications for the course of the war, Western military experts said. Moscow said the explosions were detonations of stored ammunition.

➡️ Ukrainian President Zelenskyy told government officials to stop talking to reporters about Kyiv's military tactics against Russia, saying such remarks were "frankly irresponsible". He was reacting to newspaper reports citing unidentified officials as saying Ukrainian forces were responsible for the explosions in Crimea.

➡️ Russia has doubled the number of air strikes on Ukraine's military positions and civilian infrastructure compared with the previous week, a Ukrainian Brigadier General said.

➡️ Western countries committed more than 1.5 billion euros ($1.55 billion) in cash, equipment and training to boost Ukraine's military capabilities.

➡️ Ukraine aims to evacuate two-thirds of residents from areas it controls in the eastern battleground region of Donetsk before winter.

➡️ Russian officials trained in Iran in recent weeks as part of a drone deal, Washinton said. US officials previously said Iran would provide up to several hundred drones, including some that are weapons capable, to Russia. The claim raised concerns that Iran was supporting Russia in its war in Ukraine. (Reuters)

07:50 (IST)12 Aug 2022
India expresses concern over reports of shelling near Ukraine nuclear power plant

India has expressed concern over reports of shelling near the Zaphorizhya Nuclear Power Plant, reported news agency ANI.

07:00 (IST)12 Aug 2022
UN demands end to military activity at Ukraine nuke plant

The UN nuclear chief warned Thursday that “very alarming” military activity at Europe’s largest nuclear plant in southeastern Ukraine could lead to dangerous consequences for the region and called for an end to attacks at the Russian-controlled Zaporizhzhia facility.

Rafael Grossi urged Russia and Ukraine, who blame each other for the attacks at the plant, to immediately allow nuclear experts to assess damage and evaluate safety and security at the sprawling nuclear complex where the situation “has been deteriorating very rapidly.”

He pointed to shelling and several explosions at Zaporizhzhia last Friday that forced the shutdown of the electrical power transformer and two backup transformers, forcing the shutdown of one nuclear reactor. (AP)

22:14 (IST)11 Aug 2022
Estonia to ban Russians with tourist visas from entering Copenhagen

Estonia decided Thursday to bar people from neigbouring Russia with tourist visas from entering the northernmost Baltic country as a consequence of the war in Ukraine.

“Russian citizens' opportunity to visit Estonia in large numbers or to visit Europe through Estonia is incompatible with the meaning of the sanctions we've established,” Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu was quoted as saying by the Baltic News Service said.

The European Union, of which Estonia is a member, already has banned air travel from Russia after it invaded Ukraine. But Russians can still travel by land to Estonia and apparently are then take flights to other European destinations.

By imposing the sanction, Estonia wants Russia “to be unable to continue its ordinary international life also at the level of its citizens,” Reinsalu said according to BNS, the region's main news agency. (AP)

21:02 (IST)11 Aug 2022
Russian state TV protester gets two months' house arrest

Former Russian TV journalist Marina Ovsyannikova was placed under house arrest for two months on Thursday in a criminal case where she is charged with spreading fake news about Russia's armed forces, Interfax news agency quoted a Moscow court as saying.

Ovsyannikova has already been fined twice in separate cases for protesting against the war in Ukraine, including by interrupting a live national news bulletin in March, shouting "Stop the war!" and holding up a placard telling viewers not to believe state propaganda.

In the latest case, she faces up to 10 years in prison if found guilty of distributing information about the Russian army that differs from government accounts. (Reuters)

19:38 (IST)11 Aug 2022
Give & take: West gives Ukraine weapons, bans Russian coal

On a day of give and take, Western nations made more pledges to send arms to Ukraine while the European Union's full ban on Russian coal imports kicked in on Thursday amid claims sanctions against Moscow now even affected its defense exports.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz pledged Thursday that Germany “is shipping arms — a great, great many, sweeping and very effective. And we will continue to do so in the coming time.” Germany, seen early in the war as a lackadaisical ally, has already approved military exports of at least USD 710 million. Scholz said Germany's commitment to such exports was a “massive” break with its past. He added that Berlin would also provide further financial aid to Ukraine.

In Copenhagen, Britain and Denmark also made more commitments to shore up Ukraine's defense to push back Russia's invasion which has devastated the nation and reverberated across the world, causing anything from economic damage to the depletion of food supplies. (AP)

18:17 (IST)11 Aug 2022
Russia doubles number of air strikes on Ukraine positions, infrastructure: Ukrainian general

Russia has doubled the number of air strikes on Ukraine's military positions and civilian infrastructure compared with the previous week, Ukrainian Brigadier General Oleksiy Hromov said on Thursday.

"The enemy's planes and helicopters avoid flying into the range of our air defences, and therefore the accuracy of these strikes is low," he told a news conference.

Hromov said Ukraine would send reinforcements to Pisky, a frontline town on the outskirts of the separatist-held city of Donetsk that has seen intense fighting in recent days.

"Throughout the week, the enemy has constantly assaulted Pisky, conducting 6-7 attacks a day," he added. (Reuters)

17:38 (IST)11 Aug 2022
UN chief urges immediate halt to military activity near Ukraine nuclear power plant

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Thursday called for an immediate end to military activity near the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine, Europe's largest.

"I am calling on the military forces of the Russian Federation and Ukraine to immediately cease all military activities in the immediate vicinity of the plant and not to target its facilities or surroundings," he said in a statement. (Reuters)

16:30 (IST)11 Aug 2022
Ukraine wants donors to give more money to 'stop Russia'

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called on Western nations Thursday to provide more money to help Ukraine's military keep fighting nearly 5 1/2 months after Russia invaded its neighbor. 

“The sooner we stop Russia, the sooner we can feel safe,” Zelenskyy said while addressing defense leaders at a Denmark conference aimed at strengthening financing for weapons, training and demining work in his country. “We need armaments, munitions for our defense," he added, speaking via a live link from Ukraine. 

The conference in Copenhagen is a follow-up to an April meeting at a U.S. air base in Germany that established the U.S.-led Ukraine Defense Contact Group, which coordinates international military support for Ukraine.  (AP)

16:14 (IST)11 Aug 2022
Latvia designates Russia a 'state sponsor of terrorism' over Ukraine war

Latvia's parliament on Thursday designated Russia as a "state sponsor of terrorism" over the war in Ukraine and called on Western allies to impose more comprehensive sanctions on Moscow in order to bring an end to the conflict.

"Latvia recognises Russia's actions in Ukraine as targeted genocide against the Ukrainian people," the Baltic nation's parliament said in a resolution.

Western nations should increase their military, financial, humanitarian and diplomatic backing for Ukraine and support initiatives condemning Russia's actions, it added.

Millions of Ukrainians have fled their homes and thousands have been killed since Russia's invasion in February.

Moscow says it does not deliberately target civilians in what it calls its "special military operation" aimed at safeguarding Russia's security and protecting Russian speakers in Ukraine. (Reuters)

15:25 (IST)11 Aug 2022
In Pics: Satellite pictures show devastation at Russian air base in Crimea

Satellite images by Planet Labs PBC shows Saki Air Base after an explosion there Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2022, in the Crimean Peninsula, the Black Sea peninsula seized from Ukraine by Russia and annexed in March 2014. Ukraine said Wednesday that nine Russian warplanes were destroyed in a deadly string of explosions at an air base in Crimea that appeared to be the result of a Ukrainian attack, which would represent a significant escalation in the war.

(Photos: Via AP)

Explained: Fighting in Ukraine endangers big nuclear plant

Russia and Ukraine have accused each other of shelling Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, stoking international fears of a catastrophe on the continent.

The Zaporizhzhia plant is in southern Ukraine, near the town of Enerhodar on the banks of the Dnieper River. It is one of the 10 biggest nuclear plants in the world. Built during the Soviet era, it has six reactors with a total capacity of 5,700 megawatts. Three of the reactors are in operation.

Before the war, the plant accounted for about half of the electricity generated by nuclear power in Ukraine. The country has 15 reactors at four active plants, and also is home to the decommissioned Chernobyl plant, the site of the 1986 nuclear disaster. (Read more)


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