Philippines marches against Donald Trump policies

Philippines marches against Donald Trump policies

Saturday's protest coincides with the 118th anniversary of the start of the Philippine-American War

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Protesters display placards in front of riot police during a rally at the US Embassy to protest US President Donald Trump’s recent anti-immigration policies in Philippines. The protest also marked the Feb. 4, 1899 Filipino-American War. (Source: AP Photo)

Dozens of people in the Philippine capital marched in front of the United States Embassy to protest the policies of the new US president. Almost 100 people joined the protest on Saturday, which consisted of members of various groups including the League of Filipino Students and the left-wing New Patriotic Alliance, Efe news reported.

As they marched, they carried placards featuring the image of Donald Trump which read “No deportations”, and several people held up a wide banner with the message “Fight Trump! Resist fascism and imperialism!” The groups chanted and denounced Donald Trump’s executive order barring entry to the US of citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries, and criticized the joint US-Philippine military exercises that have been held in the Southeast Asian country.

The protesters also urged Trump to remove from the US list of foreign terrorist organisations the New People’s Army, the guerrilla wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines. Around 200 police officers, some armed with anti-riot gear, stood guard near the marchers and gave an ultimatum calling on the people to disperse by 12 pm local time. The protesters agreed and there were no arrests.

Saturday’s protest coincides with the 118th anniversary of the start of the Philippine-American War, which the US won and which led to the US administering the archipelago as an American territory until 1946.