Bombing at mosque kills Afghanistan governor,15 injured

Bombing at mosque kills Afghanistan governor,15 injured

Explosion took place as Governor Arsallah Jamal was delivering a speech.

Arsallah Jamal,governor of Afghanistan’s eastern Logar province,was killed in a bomb blast while delivering a speech in a mosque on Tuesday morning.

Afghan officials said the bomb went off while Jamal was speaking to the crowd on Tuesday morning to mark the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha.

The governor’s spokesman,Din Mohammad Darwesh,said the bombing took place at the main mosque in the provincial capital of Puli Alam.

Provincial deputy police chief Rais Khan Abbul Rahimzai said the explosion also wounded 15 people,five of them critically.


Jamal had had a successful political career,having served as deputy manager of president Hamid Karzai’s 2010 election campaign and also as the minister for borders. Prior to the fatal attack,there had been five attempts on his life.

Jamal had recently attracted attention for his disclosure of the capture of an influential Terhrik-e-Taliban Pakistan leader named Latif Mehsud by US forces,who had confirmed the capture.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attack but the Taliban have been targeting Afghan officials,military and NATO troops as part of a campaign to retake territory as international troops draw down ahead of a full pullout at the end of 2014.