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Terrorists could be among Hondurn migrants moving towards US, says Trump

The US president insisted that he has very good information that terrorists were among the Honduran migrants.

Terrorists could be part of Honduran migrant caravan: Trump
Honduran migrants rest at a church-run shelter in Guatemala City. (File/The New York Times)

President Donald Trump has said even though there was no proof, but terrorists could be among the thousands of Honduran migrants moving toward the United States. His statement on Tuesday, came a day after he claimed that people from the Middle East and members of the MS-13 criminal gang were part of a caravan of migrants from Latin American countries, including Honduras.

“There’s no proof of anything. But they (terrorists) could very well be (inside the caravan),” Trump told reporters at the White House.
He was responding to a question on if he has proof on his previous reported remarks that terrorists were trying to enter the US by hiding in the caravan. The US president insisted that he has very good information about it.

“I have very good information. And if you look at what’s happened with Honduras and statements made about Honduras, and even a phone call that our vice president had today, which I think he can maybe reveal,” Trump said. Vice President Mike Pence has said he spoke to the president of Honduras.

“He told me that the caravan that’s now making its way through Mexico, headed for the southern border, was organized by leftist organisations and financed by Venezuela,” Pence said while Trump alleged that the Democrats was part of this. “It’s been organized by leftist groups. They’ve made their way north. Once they crossed into Guatemala, now crossed into Mexico. There are some estimates north of 7,000 migrants. So, the group is growing,” the vice president said.


The United States intervenes and prevents 10 suspected terrorists from coming into the US every day, Pence said.  “So it’s inconceivable that there would not be individuals from the Middle East as a part of this growing caravan,” he said, asserting that for Trump safety and security of the American people was first.

Pence said the US needs to close the loopholes that human traffickers and other dangerous individuals use to entice vulnerable families to make the long and dangerous trek north.

Referring to his conversation with the border patrol people, Trump said over the course of a number of years, “they’ve intercepted many people from the Middle East”. “They’ve intercepted ISIS, they’ve intercepted all sorts of people. They’ve intercepted good ones and bad ones, they’ve intercepted wonderful people from the Middle East, and they’ve intercepted bad ones, they’ve intercepted wonderful people from South America and from other parts further south,” the president said.

The United States, he said, needs to have immigration laws that are suitable for this time and that work. “The ones that we have now are old and they don’t work. They don’t work and they don’t come close to working,” Trump said. He said if need be he would deploy the military to stop people from entering the United States.

“We can’t let this happen. We cannot allow our country to be violated like this. And it’s very unfair. People are waiting in line that went through a legal system of immigration and they’ve been going through it for many years,” he said. “They have worked hard, they’ve done everything they’re supposed to do and then people just come running across the border. It’s really unfair to the millions of people that are waiting in line to come in legally into our country. It’s very unfair,”