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Saturday, July 21, 2018

UK says action possible in Syria without UNSC unity,Russia warns America of ‘danger’

Disagreements are surfacing among members of the UN Security Council.

Written by Express News Service | London/moscow | Published: August 26, 2013 3:47:02 pm

Britain’s foreign secretary on Monday said that diplomatic pressure had failed to work on Syria’s government,and suggested that a response to alleged chemical weapon use is possible without ‘complete unity’ in the United Nations Security Council.

William Hague accused the Security Council of ‘not shouldering its responsibilities’ over the Syria crisis in an interview with the BBC on Monday.

He did not specify what action Britain is prepared to take,but said that any response will be “in accordance with international law.”

A spokesman for Prime Minister David Cameron says that no decisions or timetable for military action have been made.

UN experts are beginning an investigation Monday into a suspected chemical attack near the Syrian capital Damascus that reportedly killed hundreds last week.

Meanwhile,Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned US Secretary of State John Kerry over the “extremely dangerous consequences” of launching military action against the Syrian regime.

Lavrov told Kerry in a telephone call that Moscow was “deeply alarmed” by comments from US officials indicating a readiness to intervene in Syria in the wake of accusations the regime had used chemical weapons,it said in a statement.

“Sergei Lavrov drew attention to the extremely dangerous consequences of a possible new military intervention for the whole Middle East and North Africa region.

Lavrov told Kerry that it appeared certain elements inside the United States wanted to launch military action in Syria outside of the United Nations to undermine joint US-Russia efforts to organise a peace conference.

The Russian minister urged his US counterpart “to refrain from using military pressure against Damascus and not to give into provocations.”

The ministry said Kerry promised to “attentively” study the arguments of the Russian side.

Russia underlined the necessity of an objective UN investigation into the claimed chemical attack and repeated its doubts that the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad was to blame.

“There is mounting evidence that the incident was a pretense set up by the rebel opposition with the aim of accusing the Damascus government of everything,” the statement said.

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