Canadian PM Justin Trudeau mocks his India visit, says it was ‘the trip to end all trips’

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau mocks his India visit, says it was ‘the trip to end all trips’

The dinner was attended by leaders of all the federal parties, who got together to make fun of themselves, each other and the press.

Diversity key to resilience and success: Canadian PM Justin Trudeau
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in New Delhi at the United Nations Young Changemakers Conclave. (Source: PTI)

His trip to India made a lot of undesired headlines globally, but Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can still make jokes about it.

Speaking at this year’s Parliamentary Press Gallery Dinner on May 26, Trudeau first went after political opponents and others, but reserved a large part of his speech to mock his trip to India. And the Canadian PM admitted he’d tried his best to repress all his memories about the trip.

“I don’t rememeber the India trip. I think to myself we should really go to India sometime, the same way I say to myself we should have a Highlander 2 sometime, because that was such a great movie,” he said.

The Canadian Prime Minister then went to show a slideshow that he said his team had put together about the trip.


An upside down map of India 

After a sad emoticon alongside the text ‘India Trip 2018’, Trudeau said his team had suggested going to India to boost ties between people and invite investment into Canada.

“That was the beginning of the end,” he said.

The Candian prime minister said that despite the scathing international media coverage and ridicule, “it was a pretty good trip”.

Being greeted by the Agriculture minister

Talking about being welcomed to India, Trudeau said that he was received by the Minister of Agriculture, which he joked some commentators had pointed out, was a “very big deal.”

There was a lot of speculation over why Prime Minister Narendra Modi, usually present to greet fellow heads of state on their arrival, was absent for Trudeau’s visit.

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Justin Trudeau upon his arrival in New Delhi. (Express Photo by Amit Mehra)

Poor media coverage in Canada

Trudeau also took a jibe at the media coverage of the visit, which he claimed didn’t focus on bilateral agreements and investments promised by Indian companies during his trip.

Referring to his meeting with the CEO of Infosys, who announced investments in Canada, Trudeau said, “but you guys didn’t report on it since I was wearing a shirt and tie. Boring!”

On meeting Shah Rukh Khan

Justin Trudeau and family with Shah Rukh Khan
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his wife Sophie Grégoire, daughter Ella-Grace Margaret, son Xavier James pose for a photograph with Shah Rukh Khan. (PTI)

During his visit to Mumbai, the Canadian first family met Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan.

Mocking his own dressing sense during the meeting, Trudeau said, “One of us is seriously underdressed, how embarrassing for him.”

He also had a photo with his defence minister Harjit Singh Sajjan, who he said was being mocked for being underdressed.

Trudeau wore a traditional sherwani for the event, but was mocked for wearing traditional Indian dressing throughout the trip, that many said was too garish.

On his son giving up on the trip

The Trudeau family at the forecourt of Rashtrapati Bhawan. (Express Photo/Praveen Jain)

Hadrien, Trudeau’s youngest son, made his share of headlines during the trip to India largely thanks to his photos at various points during the visit. One article declared the three-year-old a “new hero”.

Talking about a photo of his son lying face down on the ground at Rajghat, Trudeau said, “Hadrien was planking with a lot of conviction for a four-year-old. It was that point at which Hadrien had given up on the trip.”

“Of course I was sort of feeling the same, but noooooo,” the Canadian Prime Minister said.

On the controversial meet with an ex-Sikh separatist

Trudeau also showed off a controversial photo from the trip, which captured his wife Sophie with a former Sikh separatist, Jaspal Atwal, at an event. Except that the Sikh separatist was cropped out.

However, the Canadian prime minister claimed that everyone couldn’t stop talking about the photo because of the beautiful dress his wife was wearing.

The Canadian Prime Minister admitted the trip hadn’t gone the way he planned.


“I’ve told my team I’ve never going anywhere again,” he said