Nepal plane crash highlights: Bangladesh aircraft catches fire at Kathmandu airport, over 50 feared dead

Nepal plane crash highlights: The aircraft that was coming from Dhaka caught fire immediately after it hit the ground off the runway at Nepal's Kathmandu airport, the source added. The cause of accident is not yet known.

nepal plane crash, nepal air crash, bangladesh air crash Nepal plane crash: The cause of the accident is not yet known.

Over 50 passengers are feared dead feared dead as a US-Bangla airlines carrying 67 passengers and four crew crashed at Tribhuvan International airport in Nepal’s Kathmandu on Monday. Airport security sources said several passengers who were rescued in critical condition have been sent to the hospital while there were many bodies lying in a charred condition.

“We cannot give the exact number of casualty as we are still finding out all details. At the moment, our priority is to rush the victims to the hospitals,” sources from the spot said, adding the fire has now been controlled and that the rescue work is on.

The plane caught fire after it careened off the runway during landing and crashed onto a football ground near the airport, the Tribhuvan International Airport spokesperson, Prem Nath Thakur, was quoted as saying by the Kathmandu Post. The officials are yet to ascertain the reason behind the unusual landing. Plumes of black smoke could be seen rising from the football ground where the plane crashed.

All flights to and fro from the airport in Kathmandu have been halted.

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Follow the highlights of Nepal plane crash:

  1. 6:34PM
    12 Mar, 18
    Plane alignment was not correct: Kathmandu airport manager

    Raj Kumar Chettri, the general manager of the hill-ringed airport said that moments after the plane received permission to land, the pilot said he wanted to go in a northern direction. Asked by the control tower if there was a problem, he replied in the negative.

    The plane was then seen making two rounds in a northeast direction, Chettri said. Traffic controllers again asked the pilot if things were OK, and he replied, "Yes". The tower then told the pilot his alignment was not correct, but there was no reply, Chettri added.

    "The plane should have come from the right direction," Chettri said, adding that it hit the airport fence, touched the ground and then caught fire. It was not immediately clear if the pilot had issued a "Mayday" call, or distress signal.


  2. 6:25PM
    12 Mar, 18

    The airline, part of US-Bangla Group, is based in the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka, and flies to several domestic and international destinations. The parent company is involved in a number of industries, including real estate, education and agriculture.

  3. 6:04PM
    12 Mar, 18

    Offering his condolences to the bereaved, Nepali Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli said he was "extremely shocked" by news of the crash and promised an immediate government investigation, reported news agency IANS.

  4. 6:00PM
    12 Mar, 18

    Nitin Keyal was about to board a domestic flight when he saw the plane coming in. ``It was flying very low,'' said Keyal, a medical student. ``Everyone just froze looking at it. You could tell it wasn't a normal landing.'' He said it landed just off the runway, broke apart and burst into flames. ``For a few minutes no one could believe what was happening. It was just terrible,'' he said.


  5. 5:34PM
    12 Mar, 18

    A spokesman for Dhaka-based US-Bangla Airlines says a flight that crashed in Kathmandu, Nepal's capital, was carrying 67 passengers: 32 from Bangladesh, 33 from Nepal and one each from China and the Maldives, reported AP

  6. 5:16PM
    12 Mar, 18

    The plane, operated by US-Bangla Airlines, was on a flight from Dhaka when it hit an airport fence and burst into flames, said Raj Kumar Chettri, general manager of the hill-ringed airport, which is prone to bird strikes and other hazards. "We have recovered 50 dead bodies so far," said army spokesman Gokul Bhandari. Several people had been rescued from the burning wreckage of the Bombardier Q400 series aircraft but nine people were still unaccounted for, he said.


  7. 5:15PM
    12 Mar, 18

    Data from tracking website showed the aircraft was 17 years old. The aircraft descended to an airport altitude of 4,400 feet and then ascended up to 6,600 feet before crashing about two minutes later, the website said, Reuters reported

  8. 5:10PM
    12 Mar, 18

    "Over 50 people are feared dead. We are carrying out rescue work. We are collecting details," Raj Kumar Chhetri, TIA General Manager, was quoted as saying by My Republica. It said more than 20 injured were taken to Kathmandu Medical College for treatment of which seven were brought dead at the hospital. The remaining are undergoing treatment for serious burn injuries.


  9. 5:09PM
    12 Mar, 18

    Multiple accidents have taken place at the Kathmandu airport in the past. Here is a list of the other plane crashes that took place at the airport this year. Read more

  10. 4:50PM
    12 Mar, 18

    The crash in Nepal killed at least 50 people, an army spokesperson told Reuters

  11. 4:32PM
    12 Mar, 18
    Fortunate to survive the ordeal: survivor of the crash

    Basanta Bohora, one of the survivors of the plane crash recalled that the takeoff was normal from Dhaka but when the plane approached for landing in Kathmandu, the aircraft began to behave strangely, reported The Kathmandu Post

    “All of a sudden the plane shook violently and there was a loud bang afterwards,” he said, “I was seated near the window and was able to break out of the window. I have no recollection after I got out of the plane, someone took me to Sinamangal hospital and from there my friends brought me to Norvic,” he said, “I have received injuries to my head and legs but I am fortunate that I survived the ordeal.”

    - The Kathmandu Post

  12. 4:29PM
    12 Mar, 18

    Nepal police official says at least 38 people on broad have been killed and 23 injured in the Kathmandu plane crash. Ten people are still unaccounted for, reports news agency AP

  13. 4:20PM
    12 Mar, 18

    The plane caught fire after it careened off the runway during landing and crashed onto a football ground near the airport, the Tribhuvan International Airport spokesperson, Prem Nath Thakur, was quoted as saying by the Kathmandu Post. Plumes of black smoke could be seen rising from the football ground where the plane crashed.

  14. 4:20PM
    12 Mar, 18

    Eight bodies have been recovered so far from the crash site, reports Reuters. More casualties are feared

  15. 4:11PM
    12 Mar, 18
    Aircraft crashes common in Nepal's Kathmandu airport

    The airport in Kathmandu has been the site of several plane crashes in the past.Small aircraft often run into trouble in the mountainous region. A Thai Airways flight from Bangkok crashed while trying to land in Kathmandu in 1992 killing all on board. n September 2012, a Sita Air turboprop plane carrying trekkers to Mount Everest hit a bird and crashed shortly after takeoff, killing all 19 on board.

  16. 4:08PM
    12 Mar, 18

    Source: AP

  17. 4:06PM
    12 Mar, 18
    Plane had circled the airport twice as it waited for clearance to land

    An airline official said some injured passengers had been taken away by ambulance.``I can't say exactly how many have been rescued,'' Mohammed Selim, the airline's manager in Kathmandu, told Dhaka-based Somoy TV station by phone, reported AP. He also added that the plane had circled the airport twice as it waited for clearance to land

  18. 4:04PM
    12 Mar, 18

    Source: AP

  19. 4:03PM
    12 Mar, 18

    Nepalese army has been pressed into service and are on the ground to help in the rescue operations, reports The Kathmandu Post

  20. 3:58PM
    12 Mar, 18
    Rescue operations on in full swing

    Nepalese rescuers stand near a passenger plane from Bangladesh that crashed at the airport in Kathmandu, Nepal (AP)

  21. 3:50PM
    12 Mar, 18
    Plane became unstable while descending: Director General of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal

    Director General of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (Caan) Sanjiv Gautam said that the plane was out of control when it attempted to land on the runway. “The aircraft was permitted to land from the Southern side of the runway over Koteshwor but it landed from the Northern side,” said Gautam suspecting the aircraft might have sustained some technical glitches. “We are yet to ascertain the reason behind the unusual landing,” he added, reported The Kathmandu Post

  22. 3:39PM
    12 Mar, 18
    Plane was flying very low: Eyewitness

    Amanda Summers, an American who works in Nepal, watched the crash happen from the terrace of her home office. ``It was flying so low I thought it was going to run into the mountains,'' she said. She said it was unclear if it had reached the runway when it landed. ``All of a sudden there was a blast and then another blast,'' she said, as reported by news agency AP

  23. 3:36PM
    12 Mar, 18
    Scenes of Bangladesh plane crash at Nepal's Kathmandu airport

  24. 3:35PM
    12 Mar, 18
    Rescued being sent to hospital

    There were 67 passengers in the aircraft, Reuters reported. Of them, around 17 have been rescued and are being sent to hospitals for treatment.

  25. 3:30PM
    12 Mar, 18

    An employee who answered the phone at the US-Bangla offices in Dhaka said no one was available to talk. “I have no other details,” said the employee, who refused to give his name. “But a bad incident has happened," reported news agency AP

  26. 3:28PM
    12 Mar, 18

    All flights in and out of the Tribhuvan International Airport have been cancelled following the crash.