US: Bobby Jindal slams ‘leaders across the board’ for shutdown

US: Bobby Jindal slams ‘leaders across the board’ for shutdown

"Structural changes" to the legislative branch of govt. will produce better results for voters,Jindal said.

Bobby Jindal,Louisiana’s Indian-American governor and a potential 2016 presidential contender,has blamed “leaders across the board” for the federal government’s shut down,saying politicians and chiefly President Barack Obama have failed to solve “big challenges”.

“I think the American people look at what’s happening in D C and see that leaders across the board are not doing what they were elected to do,” 42-year-old Jindal said. He also lamented that national politicians and chiefly President Obama were “not solving the big challenges,the structural challenges,facing our country.”

In a briefing for reporters at the Republican Governors Association headquarters on Wednesday,Jindal,a potential 2016 White House contender,repeatedly declined to say how much blame he apportions to Congress in general,or House Republicans in particular.

He said that he shares the congressional Republican’s firm opposition to the Affordable Care Act,and that only “structural changes” to the legislative branch of government will produce better results for voters.

“All of Washington D C,is dysfunctional,” he said.


“It’s not just a matter of who’s in leadership or personalities or who’s in power,” he said.

The bitter budget standoff between Democrats and Republicans has pushed the US government’s shutdown into the third day,a crisis that can cost the ailing economy billions.

The two parties failed to strike a deal before the October 1 deadline on spending and budget due to differences over ‘Obamacare’,the signature healthcare programme of President Obama.