Iran nuclear deal puts Tehran on a path to atomic weapons, says Bobby Jindal

Iran nuclear deal puts Tehran on a path to atomic weapons, says Bobby Jindal

Bobby Jindal criticised a nuclear agreement with Iran

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Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal criticised a nuclear deal with Iran (Source: AP)

Strongly criticising a nuclear agreement with Iran, Republican presidential hopeful Bobby Jindal has said this “dangerous deal” has put Tehran on a path to atomic weapons.

“The result is a dangerous deal that has put Iran on a path to obtaining a nuclear weapon, depleted America’s
military strength in the Gulf, and made Israel less safe. And that certainly makes us less safe here at home,” he said.


His remarks came soon after President Barack Obama yesterday announced that the US and its international partners have reached a deal with Iran on its nuclear programme.

44-year-old Jindal, who appeared unconvinced, said, “The Obama Administration is wrong when they suggest the IAEA can still inspect all of Iran’s nuclear facilities.”


“The deal does not provide for anytime-anywhere access to Iran’s nuclear facilities. President Obama admits that the
24-7 access is to ‘key’ facilities, which means not every facility can be surveyed. The Obama Administration is not
being truthful with the world about this deal,” he alleged.

Congress should oppose this dangerous deal, said Indian- American Jindal who last month announced his bid for the 2016 presidential elections.

“(Former) Secretary (of State, Hillary) Clinton should be a voice of reason and oppose this deal. While Secretary
Clinton has been the architect of President Obama’s foreign policy, she can do the right thing and prevent Iran from
obtaining a nuclear weapon and oppose this deal,” Jindal said.

Among all major presidential candidates, Clinton was the last one to issue a statement on the deal—late in the night.

“I support the agreement because it can help us prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. With vigorous enforcement, unyielding verification, and swift consequences for any violations, this agreement can make the US, Israel, and our Arab partners safer,” she said.

“In light of the international community’s long history and experience with Iranian behavior, the highest priority
must be given to effective enforcement of the agreement.

Signing is just the beginning,” Clinton said.

“The message to Iran should be loud and clear: We will never allow you to acquire a nuclear weapon; not just during
the term of this agreement – never,” she said. Another Republican presidential aspirant and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush described the deal as an appeasement and not diplomacy.

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard called for being tough with Iran on verification.

“We need to see a tough, verifiable inspections regime that applies anytime and anywhere, including military sites.
Sanctions relief must be tied tightly to Iran’s compliance with the deal. Actual snap-back sanctions and enforcement
mechanisms must be in place,” she said.