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What is Nava Kerala lottery?

The government has an aim of collecting close to Rs 100 crore through the lotteries to be used for reconstructing the flood-battered state. 

What is Nava Kerala lottery?
A rescue shelter in U C College, Aluva, near Kochi. (Photo: Nirmal Harindran)

The Kerala government on Monday launched the Nava lottery in a bid to collect additional funds towards the Chief Ministers Distress Relief Fund (CMDRF). The government hopes to collect close to Rs 100 crore through the lotteries to be used for reconstructing the flood-battered state. Over 300 people lost their lives in the floods resulted from torrential monsoon rains. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said the losses due to the floods and landslides are more than the state’s annual plan. In the 2017-18 fiscal year, Kerala’s annual plan outlay was pegged at Rs 26,500 crore.

What is Nava Kerala lottery?

State finance and lottereies minister Thomas Issac had announced last week about the special lottery in the state. Each ticket would cost Rs 250 and the draw would take place on October 3. The entire proceeds of the lottery will go to the CMDRF. “The lottery has been named ‘Ashwas’ and there would be the first prize of Rs 1 lakh in each series and Rs 5,000 on 1,08,000 tickets,” Issac was quoted as saying by IANS.

The state government is printing 96 lakh tickets in nine series as part of the lottery. “The target of this special lottery is to raise Rs 100 crore, which will be the net profit for the state government after meeting all expenses of this special lottery, if all the 96 lakh tickets are sold,” IANS quoted an official from the state government.

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People clean their houses after the flood at Chengannur in Kerala. (Express Photo by Vignesh Krishnamoorthy)

The tickets can be sold by NGOs, residents associations and political organisations who can collect them from the lottery offices. The government has set a 25 per cent commission for those selling tickets.