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What is Gaganyaan?

What is Gaganyaan? Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Independence Day 2018 speech from Red Fort announced that India will send an astronaut to space in 2022.

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What is Gaganyaan? Independence Day 2018: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on the occasion of 72nd Independence Day from the ramparts of the Red Fort. He announced that an Indian astronaut will be in space by 2022.

Gaganyaan 2022: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wednesday announced that India will send an astronaut to space in the year 2022. He was addressing the nation on India’s 72nd Independence Day.  “I make this announcement today, before 2022, an Indian astronaut – son or daughter – will be in space. One of us will carry the tricolour to the space to commemorate the 75th year of India’s Independence.” LIVE Updates: PM Narendra Modi’s Independence Day speech at Red Fort

If India does launch the Gaganyaan mission, it will be the the fourth nation to do so after the United States, Russia and China.

In what appears to be a preparation for the Gaganyaan mission, ISRO last month conduced its first ‘pad abort’ test that was successful.

The ‘pad abort’ test or Crew Escape System is an emergency escape measure that helps pull the crew away from the launch vehicle when a mission has to be aborted. The test was conducted at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota.

“The Pad Abort Test demonstrated the safe recovery of the crew module in case of any exigency at the launch pad,” the space agency said.

In his Independence Day speech, Modi also praised India’s ISRO – Indian Space Research Organisation for its successful launches over the years. Modi highlighted the Mangalyaan and Navic project.


Chandrayaan-1 was India’s first lunar probe. It was launched by the Indian Space Research Organisation in October 2008 and operated until August 2009.