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UPSC Key-October 5, 2022: Why you should read ‘Animal Adoption Scheme’ or ‘Credit Suisse’ or ‘Quantum Theory’ for UPSC CSE

Exclusive for Subscribers from Monday to Friday: The Indian Express UPSC Key October 5, 2022 will help you prepare for the Civil Services and other competitive examinations with cues on how to read and understand content from the most authoritative news source in India.

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Important topics and their relevance in UPSC CSE exam for October 5, 2022. If you missed the October 4, 2022 UPSC key from the Indian Express, read it here


EC asks parties to explain how they plan to finance poll promises, draws Opp fire


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Preliminary Examination: Indian Polity and Governance-Constitution, Political System, Panchayati Raj, Public Policy, Rights Issues, etc.

Mains Examination: General Studies II: Salient features of the Representation of People’s Act.

Key Points to Ponder:

• What’s the ongoing story- Amid a raging debate on the financial implication of freebies promised by political parties during elections or the Revdi culture referred to by Prime Minister Narendra Modi the Election Commission of India Tuesday wrote to parties proposing that they spell out ways and means of raising additional resources to finance the promises, and the impact it would have on the fiscal sustainability of the state or the Central government.

For Your Information-Floating a consultation paper, the EC, in its letter to all recognised national and state parties, has prescribed a standardised disclosure proforma for them to declare quantification of the physical coverage of the schemes promised, financial implications of the promise and availability of the financial resources. The EC has asked the parties to furnish their views by October 19.

• The EC’s move drew a sharp reaction from the Opposition-Is this move by Election Commission is overreach?

• What is Model Code of Conduct?

• What is “Freebies”?


• Is there any definition of the term “freebies” given in the existing legal/policy framework?

• What is wrong if political parties are promising freebies?

• Promises made by the political parties, often driven by short-term electoral calculations-Agree or disagree?

Do You Know– The parties will have to detail how they propose to raise the additional resources to finance the scheme or schemes if voted to power – like whether they plan an increase in tax and non-tax revenues, rationalise expenditure, go for additional borrowings or do it in any other manner.

• How freebies Impact Union and State budgets?


• Why the word ‘Freebie’ is almost sounds pejorative especially in political and policy circle?

• The political dialogue built around freebies is fraught with danger. What ‘danger’ is associated with Freebies scheme?

• How Budget is managed for Freebies schemes and Programmes?

• Election Commission of India and Article 324 of the Constitution-Know in detail

• The independent and impartial functioning of the Election Commission-How it is ensured?

• Election Commission of India- Powers and Functions

• Chief Election Commissioner and the two other Election Commissioners have equal powers-True or False?


• In case of difference of opinion amongst the Chief election commissioner and/or two other election commissioners, the matter is decided by the Supreme Court of India-Right or Wrong?

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Split on method to name new SC judges, CJI sends 2nd note to Collegium


Preliminary Examination: Indian Polity and Governance

Main Examination: General Studies-II: Structure, organization and functioning of the Executive and the Judiciary

Key Points to Ponder:

• What’s the ongoing story- With a little over a month left for his retirement and two of the five-member Supreme Court Collegium opposed to a proposal to recommend four new judges, including a Supreme Court lawyer, to the top court through a written note instead of a formal meeting, Chief Justice of India U U Lalit is learnt to have written to them again, seeking reconsideration of their stand.

For Your Information-As per the Memorandum of Procedure (MoP), the document governing the process of appointment of judges and appointment of the CJI, the Law Minister asks the outgoing Chief Justice of India to recommend the next CJI. The MoP states that the CJI should be “the senior-most judge of the Supreme Court considered fit to hold the office.” Although the MoP says that the CJI’s views must be sought “at the appropriate time” and does not specify a timeline for the process, it normally takes place a month before the retirement of the incumbent CJI.

Do You Know-Articles 124 to 147 in Part V of the Constitution deal with the organisation, independence jurisdiction, powers, procedures and so on of the Supreme Court. The Parliament is also authorised to regulate them.

• What is the sanctioned strength of Supreme Court Judges in India?

• Who appoints the Chief Justice of India?

• How is the seniority of judges in the Supreme Court decided?

• What does the Collegium consider while making the recommendation?

• National Judicial Appointments Commission (NJAC) Act 2014-Know the key highlights

• Supreme Court on NJAC Act 2014 (99th Constitutional Amendment Act)-know in detail

• First Judges Case (1982), Second Judges Case (1993) and Third Judges Case (1998)-Know in detail

• What was the Supreme court’s ruling in the Second Judges case (1993), with respect to the appointment of a judge?

• Third Judges case (1998) and Supreme Court’s ruling in case of the appointment-What was the Supreme Court’s ruling?

• The National Judicial Appointments Commission Act of 2014 and the Collegium System-Compare and Contrast

• What are the qualifications required for a person to be appointed as the Chief Justice of India?

• A person appointed as a Chief Justice of Supreme Court, before entering upon his office, has to make and subscribe an oath or affirmation before whom?

• The Constitution has made certain provisions to safeguard and ensure the independent and impartial functioning of a Judges-Know in detail

• Jurisdiction And Powers Of Chief Justice of India-Know in detail

• Executive Vs Judiciary for appointment of judges in higher judiciary-Know in detail

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Reservation for Paharis too in J&K, says Shah


Preliminary Examination: Economic and Social Development-Sustainable Development, Poverty, Inclusion, Demographics, Social Sector Initiatives, etc.

Mains Examination: General Studies II: Government policies and interventions for development in various sectors and issues arising out of their design and implementation.

Key Points to Ponder:

• What’s the ongoing story Ahead of the first-ever visit of Union Home Minister Amit Shah to border Rajouri district on Tuesday, the Pir Panjal region of Jammu and Kashmir is seeing growing tension between the Gujjar and Pahari communities over expected plans to grant Scheduled Tribe status to the latter.

• Gujjar and Bakarwal Communities-Know in detail

• Who are Paharis in Jammu & Kashmir?

Do You Know-The Gujjars and Bakerwals, who follow Islam, constitute 40% of the population in the border districts of Rajouri and Poonch, with the rest living in these areas identifying themselves as Paharis. With a population of nearly 15 lakh as per the 2011 Census, the Gujjars and Bakerwals form the third largest ethnic group in J&K after Kashmiris and Dogras. Since April 1991, they have enjoyed benefits of 10% reservation for STs in government jobs and admissions to educational institutions.

• What is the issue between Paharis and Gujjars?

• How are Scheduled Tribes declared?

• “The Gujjars contend that the majority of Pahari speakers are upper class Muslims such as Syeds, Qazi, Per, Beg, Raja, Malik, Mirza, Khan, upper caste Sikhs, Kashmiris, Hindus, and Christians such as Barahmins, Rajputs, and Mahajans who do not experience caste discrimination or social stigma like the Gujjars, Bakerwals, and other tribes of Jammu and Kashmir”-Comment

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You can adopt an animal at Delhi Zoo, but prices vary


Preliminary Examination: General issues on Environmental ecology, Bio-diversity and Climate Change – that do not require subject specialization.

Mains Examination: General Studies III: Conservation, environmental pollution and degradation, environmental impact assessment.

Key Points to Ponder:

• What’s the ongoing story- The National Zoological Park (Delhi Zoo) has launched an animal adoption scheme allowing people to sign up to pay for the care of animals at the facility. Zoo director Dharam Deo Rai said that the scheme is being introduced for the first time at the zoo and is meant “to encourage the participation of people in wildlife conservation”.

• What is animal adoption scheme?

• How animal adoption scheme will work?

• Animal adoption scheme is first of its kind in India-Agree or disagree?

• Animal adoption scheme-Know its features and highlights

• Human-animal conflict is the biggest challenge in India and Animal adoption scheme will be icebreaker-discuss

• Animal adoption scheme can be implemented in sanctuary or in national parks?

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📍Animal Adoption Scheme: You can now adopt your favorite animals at Delhi Zoo – Check how the scheme works and rate list


What led to the Credit Suisse crisis; and the road ahead


Preliminary Examination: Current events of national and international importance.

Mains Examination: General Studies III: Indian Economy and issues relating to planning, mobilization, of resources, growth, development and employment.

Key Points to Ponder:

• What’s the ongoing story- Over the past few days, the share price of Credit Suisse, one of the oldest and historically one of the most influential banks in the world, has hit an all-time low. Since the beginning of 2022, Credit Suisse’s share price has fallen close to 60 per cent.

• Credit Suisse-Know in detail

• What has triggered the concern around Credit Suisse?

• How did it impact Credit Suisse?

• What is a credit default swaps?

• How did credit default swaps work?

• Why rise in the spread of Credit Default Swaps is worrisome?

• What has Credit Suisse said?

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Breakthroughs in quantum tech


Preliminary Examination: Current events of national and international importance.

Mains Examination: General Studies III: Awareness in the fields of IT, Space, Computers, robotics, nano-technology, bio-technology and issues relating to intellectual property rights.

Key Points to Ponder:

• What’s the ongoing story- The Nobel Prize committee decided to honour three scientists, Alain Aspect of France, John Clauser of the US, and Anton Zeilinger of Austria who, over the last four decades, have tilted the balance of the debate in one direction.

• What their experiments have conclusively established?

• What is ‘entanglement’ phenomenon observed in quantum particles?

• What is Teleportation Concept?

• What is quantum theory?

• Special theory of relativity and General theory of relativity-Comapre and Contrast

• So, what have Aspect, Clauser and Zeilinger worked on?

• How significant are their experiments??

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Iran’s Raisi tries to ease anger as protests rage on


Preliminary Examination: Current events of national and international importance.

Mains Examination: General Studies II: Effect of policies and politics of developed and developing countries on India’s interests, Indian diaspora.

Key Points to Ponder:

• What’s the ongoing story--Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi on Tuesday appealed for national unity and tried to allay anger against the country’s rulers, even as the anti-government protests that have engulfed the country for weeks continued to spread to universities and high schools.

• Mahsa Amini- Why she is in news?

• Why are women in and around the world protesting after Amini’s death?

For Your Information-The custodial death of Mahsa Amini, a young woman who was arrested by the morality police in Tehran, has sparked widespread protests in Iran. Under the scanner are the police who patrol public places to enforce the headscarf law and other Islamic rules. Conversations are also taking place on the situation of women in the Islamic Republic.

• Iran before Islamic revolution in 1979 and after-know in detail

• What is a hijab and why is it worn?

• Why Hijab is forced to wear in Islamic Nations?

• Is hijab an obligation or a choice?

• Hijab controversy in Iran vis a vis Hijab controversy in India (Karnataka)-Compare and contrast

• ‘Force or compulsion’ is main problem and not the hijab in Iran and India-discuss

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📍Why death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini has sparked protests in Iran

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First published on: 05-10-2022 at 07:41:46 pm
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