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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

UPSC CSE Key – April 18, 2022: What you need to read today

Exclusive for Subscribers from Monday to Friday: The Indian Express UPSC Key April 18, 2022 will help you prepare for the Civil Services and other competitive examinations with cues on how to read, how to connect the dots and understand content from the most authoritative news source in India.

Written by Priya Kumari Shukla | Hyderabad |
April 18, 2022 7:20:14 pm
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Important topics and their relevance in UPSC CSE exam for April 18, 2022. If you missed the April 15, 2022 UPSC CSE exam key from the Indian Express, read it here


Lanka delegation heads to US for $4-bn bailout talks with IMF


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Preliminary Examination: Current events of national and international importance.

Main Examination: General Studies II: India and its Neighbourhood- Relations.

Key Points to Ponder:

• Economic Crisis-How did Sri Lanka get here?

• What happens with Sri Lanka’s foreign debt?

• International Monetary Fund (IMF)-Objective, History, Role and Functions

• What do you know about IMF’s ‘Rapid Credit Facility and Rapid Financing Instrument’?

• What Is a Currency Swap?

• How a Currency Swap Works?

• What Is a Credit Line?

• How Does a Credit Line Work?

• Who is helping Sri Lanka?

• How India is helping Sri Lanka in this crisis Situation?

• ‘Sri Lanka’s current economic crisis predates the “manmade” agriculture disaster’-How far you agree with this

• Emergency declared in Sri Lanka-Why and its Impact

• Political Impact of this crisis for the ruling Government, Rajapaksas?

• India and Sri Lanka Bilateral Relations-Trust Deficit or Close Neighbours?

• Map Work- Sri Lanka

Other Important Articles Covering the same topic:

📍 Sri Lanka economic crisis explained: How did the country get here, who is helping? 


Inflation heats up but why it hasn’t singed political economy yet


Preliminary Examination: Economic and Social Development

Main Examination: General Studies III: Indian Economy and issues relating to planning, mobilization, of resources, growth, development and employment.

Key Points to Ponder:

Inflation and Various Types of Inflation

• Causes of Inflation

• Long term, Medium Term and Short-term impact of Inflation

• What is Stagflation?

• How does one get into Stagflation?

• What is CPI-based Inflation or Retail Inflation?

• How Inflation is Measured in India?

• What do you understand by Wholesale Price Index (WPI) and Consumer Price Index?

• New Standard for Measuring Inflation in India and Old Standard for Measuring Inflation-Key Differences

• What Is Monetary Policy Committee (MPC)?

• Monetary Policy Committee MPC-Importance

• Know about these terms-Bank Rate, Repo Rate, Reverse Repo Rate, Liquidity Adjustment Facility (LAF), Marginal
Standing Facility (MSF), Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR)

• Impact of Money Supply on an Economy-Inflation or Deflation?

• Steps or Measures Taken by GOI to Control Inflation

• National Statistical Office (NSO)-About, Vision, Mandate and Role

Other Important Articles Covering the same topic:

📍 Explain Speaking: Why (gentle) policymakers prefer retail (over wholesale) inflation



A Lopsided Rule


Preliminary Examination: Current events of national and international importance.

Main Examination: General Studies III: Effects of liberalization on the economy, changes in industrial policy and
their effects on industrial growth.

Key Points to Ponder:

• Competition Commission of India (CCI)-Statutory Body or Constitutional Body?

• Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act, 1969 (MRTP Act) and Competition Act, 2002-Comapare and Contrast

• Composition of Competition Commission of India (CCI)-Members and their Appointment

• Functions and Role Competition Commission of India (CCI)

• Landmark Judgements of Competition Commission of India (CCI)

• Competition Commission of India (CCI) and Amazon Dispute-Know the Background

Other Important Articles Covering the same topic:

📍 Explained: Issues in antitrust probe against Amazon and Flipkart



What is parboiled rice, and why Centre wants to stop purchasing it


Preliminary Examination: Indian Polity and Governance

Mains Examination:

• General Studies II: Functions and responsibilities of the Union and the States, issues and challenges pertaining
to the federal structure

• General Studies III: Issues of buffer stocks and food security, Food processing and related industries in India

Key Points to Ponder:

• What is parboiled rice?

• Are all rice varieties suitable for parboiling

• Parboiled Rice-What are the benefits?

• What has been the pattern of procurement of Rice from Telangana?

• Government of India’s Paddy Procurement Policy-Key Highlights

• What is Telangana State’s apprehension over paddy procurement?

• Parboiled Rice-what is it and why rice is parboiled?

• Cropping seasons of India- Kharif & Rabi

• Food grains production and total storage capacity available with Food Corporation of India (FCI), Central
Warehousing Corporation (CWC) and the State Agencies (both owned and hired capacity)

Other Important Articles Covering the same topic:

📍 Explained: Why TRS has taken its big paddy protest to Delhi


Archbishop of Canterbury condemns UK’s asylum plan


Preliminary Examination: Current events of national and international importance.

Key Points to Ponder:

• The United Kingdom signed a deal with Rwanda to send some asylum seekers to the East African nation-Highlights of this deal

• Why this deal is Controversial in many terms?

• UK’s asylum system-Key Provisions

• Who is a refugee?

• Who is an asylum-seeker?

• Who is a migrant?

• International Provisions to Protect the Rights of Refugees and Asylum Seekers?

• India’s Refugee Policy and The Foreigners Act, 1946-Know in Detail

• 1951 Refugee Convention and its 1967 Protocol-Key Provisions

• India is not a party to the 1951 Refugee Convention and its 1967 Protocol, Why?

• What is meant by Non-Refoulement?

• India and principle of Non-Refoulement-Know about it

Other Important Articles Covering the same topic:

📍 Why is UK sending asylum-seekers to Rwanda?

📍 Explained: On ‘refugees’ and ‘illegal immigrants’, how India’s stance changes with circumstances


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