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I love my skin, it’s brown: Girls counter the obsession with fair skin and fairness creams

Your skin colour doesn't define your beauty, unlike what the society and the fairness creams advertisements tell you.

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This video calls out all the fairness cream manufacturers in the country playing on people’s fear. (Source: JNTA Studio/YouTube)

When her father advises her to get married, she is disappointed. She is an independent woman who plans to carve a successful career ahead for herself. She knows better than to keep aside all that she dreamt of and get married. But, it is only after she applies a popular fairness cream that she musters the courage to tell this to her father. Because, in India, fairness creams does not just turn a woman “lovely” but also makes her confident. Right? WRONG.

This short video hits right at the society’s obsession with fairness creams. So much so, the same brand decided even men needed fairness creams, because how else was he going to make the girls fall for him. An industry was built merely on this weakness harnessed by people — an inferiority complex because they think their colour isn’t white enough.

The video has beautiful women doing what many of us have hesitated to do all this while — embrace their beauty like it is. “I love my skin,” says one girl. The girls go on to talk about the characteristics of their skin, smiling and happily because they do not seem ashamed of something so natural. Like one girl says, “My mother gave it to me.” It is that natural.

It seems this clip has been inspired by the ideology previously made famous by actress-activist Nandita Das in the Dark is Beautiful campaign, which celebrated the gorgeous dark-skinned woman.


The women’s steadfastness shows how the age-old misconception that beauty of a woman is associated with her skin colour, is an absolutely farce. The video shows the women embracing their selves with so much glee and calling out the many manufacturers who have seemingly taken the responsibility of ensuring each woman in the country attains a fair colour, after using their products.

Watch the video here. 

The short clip by JNTA — a creative agency based in Maharashtra and Kranti, an NGO uses the hashtag #EmbraceYourColour to drive home the message and had got around 12,000 views at the time of writing.

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