VIDEO: Wife obstructs door to stall train for husband; gets kicked out before train departs

A lady, who is a deputy discipline teacher at an Elementary School was suspended, after she was found obstructing and delaying the departure of a train. She did so to make sure that her husband boarded the train.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: January 12, 2018 10:28:21 pm
woman stops train for husband, woman train quarrel, woman stops train for husband people angry, woman stops train video, Indian express, Indian express news A woman latched on to the door of a train to stop it from departing as she was waiting for her husband to board the train. (Source: Shanghaiist/YouTube)

A video of a woman trying to stop a high speed train by standing and blocking its door has gone viral on Chinese social media sites. In the 4-minute video, the lady can be seen standing at the door of the train and obstructing it from closing while constantly talking over the phone.

The lady in the video, who has been identified as Luo Haili, is a school teacher and a mother of one, according to a report by Daily Mail. She was waiting for her husband and kept delaying the train so that her husband could get on with her. In the clip, the conductor can also be seen talking to the lady and convincing her to move aside. However, things took a violent turn and the man was seen pushing the lady away from the door. Soon, a few other train staff also joined the argument and tried to get the lady off the train. As per the same report, the incident took place at Hefei Railway Station in Anhui Province.

Luo, who is a deputy discipline teacher at Hefei Yonghong Road Elementary School, has been suspended from her role until further notice. The lady in question told Shanghai Morning Post in an interview that they went to the wrong platform and had to rush to the G1747 train. “The staff did not check me and my daughter’s ticket, so we went pass but noticed my husband was not following us.”

As per Anhui Traffic Broadcast, the G1747 train was scheduled to stay in Hefei station for 15 minutes and the dispute was resolved just one minute before departure.

Watch the video here:

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