WATCH: Video of man peeling apples will grapple your mind

WATCH: Video of man peeling apples will grapple your mind

Ever thought selling vegetables could also well be an art?

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Who would have thought cutting vegetables would be so captivating to watch? (Source:

Mostly when we go to buy our daily groceries, we go to the different compartments, take our pick, give it to the shopkeeper or vegetable vendor, pay the bill, pack what we bought, and leave. It’s more or less a mundane affair. In case we are feeling a tad too cheerful, we exchange pleasantries with the vegetable vendor. But if you thought this is what happens everywhere in the world, you are kinda wrong. Apparently, you can buy fruits and vegetables, and while you are it, also enjoy the art of cutting them. A YouTube video showing a fruit-vendor peeling and cutting green apples, before handing it over to the buyers has gone viral, and for obvious reasons.

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The video shows the vendor, with a cart full of green apples, selling them. While at first, it looks like just another man out to get his daily wages, he also has an interesting machine attached to the cart. He attaches the apple to the tip of the machine, which seems to have peeler blades on both ends and starts rotating the machine using the handle at one tip.

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While he does nothing out of the ordinary, the way he peels the green apple as he rotates the peeler, will actually make you want to keep watching the video on loop!

Watch the video here.