Watch: Kolkata traffic guard gets violent when questioned about his authority to check documents

The traffic guard tried to assault the Facebook user for his 'audacity' to record him on camera after he 'wrongly' asked to see his pollution and insurance certificate.

By: Express Web Desk | Kolkata | Published: October 3, 2016 9:16:31 pm
(Source: Ronny/ Facebook) The man denied showing the other documents, saying the guard does not have the authority to see them; insisting he will only show it to sergeant or a traffic cop. (Source: Ronny/ Facebook)

With cameras everywhere these days, rarely things do not get caught on camera, especially because of the ubiquitous mobile cameras, which have become a key tool to capture a lot of real-life incidents that people previously struggled to prove, especially corruption and assault.

On October 3, a Kolkata man uploaded one such video on his Facebook account that captured a traffic guard threatening to physically assault and abused him. According to the user, Ronny, he was on his way to office on Monday, when he was stopped by a traffic guard. The man asked to see his licence and some other documents such as pollution certificates.

Ronny refused to show the traffic guard the other documents saying he does not have the authority to see them; insisting he will only show it to sergeant or a traffic cop. Ronny, in his Facebook post, claims he had all the relevant documents: “I had all the correct documents ready in my bag but I wanted to see how far this can go.”

The post adds that when asked about the senior official on duty, the guard took offence and asked him to wait. Asking the guard to disclose his name and position, the user started recording the ‘wrongful’ actions on his mobile phone camera. Upon seeing the camera, the irked guard tried rushed towards him and threatened to slap him.

The video shows the guard charging towards Ronny, asking, “How dare you record this?”

The guard goes on to say, “You have to act as we say if you want to commute on road”, adding, “Do you think you are doing a cinema here?” As the recording continues, we hear the user specifying the law that a guard cannot see any other document apart from the licence, to which he fervently says, “You want to see how I check documents, even when the officer is here.”

The verbal tussle continues for some time the guard returns to his bike while the user waits.

Watch video here

While posting the video online, Ronny says, “I know the Puja is coming and these people get desperately bribe-hungry during this time of the year, but trying to physically abuse and threatening on camera is surely a next-level thing…”

In mere seven hours the video has gone viral with many people sharing it and questioning the audacity of the guard.

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