Video: You won’t believe how cleverly these thieves stole cash from right under this shopkeeper’s nose

Shopkeepers, beware of your customers!

By: Trends Desk | Kolkata | Updated: November 8, 2016 11:49:36 am

robbery, theft, shop lifting, shop robbery video, shopliffting video, viral video, trending video, viral cctv footage, latest news The thief veiled the elderly man with the towel and lifted a stack of money into his pocket in one swift move.

A popular security camera’s ad goes on to say, ‘upar wala sab dekh raha hain’ which in every sense is true, but does that deter sly thieves from committing crimes? Well, not we guess. A recent CCTV footage of a theft has gone viral on the Internet that shows how two young man lifts stack of money and fooled an elderly shopkeeper.

Many regional newspapers have claimed that the incident occurred in Ludhiana, Punjab, wherein a senior man was tricked by this wily duo. The video shows the two men enter the shop to buy something, which they paid for with a currency note that the shopkeeper inspects cautiously even with a magnifying glass! After a prolong check, he finally pulled out a key to open the chest of money, to give the duo their change back.

When the pair saw many bundles of money they tried to distract the shopkeeper by wanting to see a hand towel kept on the shelf right beside the cash box. The footage shows the elderly man guarding the money on the counter with his hand while thief tricked him but not realising his cash box was open. The thief cleverly cloaked his actions with the opened towel, reaching out to the shelf for another product. At the same time, he distracted the old man and lifted a stack of money, handing it to his companion, who quickly stashed it in his pocket.

This might seem a bit too fantastical to believe, which is why you need to see the whole scene play out in this video that has gone viral online.

Watch video here

Let this be a lesson for all those who own or work in a shop. Beware!

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