Watch: These two Teachers’ Day videos bring back memories (some horrifying) of school

On this Teachers' Day, TVF's hilarious take on what conversations in a staffroom are like and how spending a day with RD Sharma would go, is what you should see today.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: September 5, 2016 7:33:53 pm
TVF's new videos on Teachers' day are hilarious! (Source: The Viral Fever/YouTube) TVF’s new videos on Teachers’ day are hilarious! (Source: The Viral Fever/YouTube)

This Teachers’ Day, popular digital entertainment channel The Viral Fever has decided to join in the celebrations, in their own way. TVF released two videos about teachers, which a lot of us would find very relatable. One talks about what happens behind the staff rooms in schools. The question has intrigued many and has even had children landing in trouble for peeking into The Staffrooms.

Turns out, as in the video, teachers there have some really interesting conversations. That too, not very different from the world beyond those four walls. The video shows teachers of different subjects fighting over a gift, all claiming their right over that one stray gift on the table. Their bickering looks no different from that of a group of little children fighting for that one last piece of chocolate. In this hilarious video, TVF gives us a sneak peek into staffroom conversations, and are we surprised!

The second video’s title goes by a name which gave many a nightmare to students across India who dreaded Math —A day with RD Sharma (Sasural Simar Ka’s tragic music in the background as you read his name). A man frantically tries to memorise his Math equations, because “jin reporters ki basic math kamzor haiR D Sharma parents ko call karke unki complaint kar dete hai he nervously tells the camera.

Sharma ji’s life is exactly what you thought it would be like. There’s obvious tension at the mention of RS Aggarwal’s name, he worships the X and even wears a watch in each hand, because “LHS is equal to RHS”! If that’s not all, Sharma ji has his own Bollywood-Math mash up script all ready, and moving away from the general trend of a love triangle story, his is a ‘love hexagon’ story. TVF’s video is one of hilarious exaggerations, so much so the professor is even shown as having  “ek do teen” from Tejaab as his ringtone!

The reporter even gets a chance for a “viva” with H C Verma, the RD Sharma of the physics world.

Watch TVF’s What happens in the staffroom, here. 

Watch TVF’s A day with RD Sharma, here.

Did just déjà vu of those dreaded Maths solving days hit you really hard? Us, it did.

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