VIDEO: This dad simply chants ‘Om’ to put his child to sleep; watch it to believe it

VIDEO: This dad simply chants ‘Om’ to put his child to sleep; watch it to believe it

The child falls off to sleep instantly after hearing the word 'Om'.

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If only life was this simple. (Source: Daniel Eisenman/ Facebook)

Children are adorable but they can also be extremely unpredictable. You can never guess why they do what they do. Among all their other actions, it is perhaps their habit of suddenly crying without adults being able to figure out why baffles most. Any adult will vouchsafe how difficult it is to pacify a crying child. And putting that same child to sleep is a Herculean task by itself.

But for all the adults and new parents out there who are struggling to find a quick and easy way to put their child to sleep, they can take a leaf out of Daniel Eisenman’s book, who put his child to sleep by simply uttering the word, ‘Om’.

Described as a ‘polar-plunging modern-day nomad; a speaker, facilitator,’ on his Facebook page, Eisenman was doing a live video on Facebook on April 22, where his amazing trick stunned the world. Seen with his baby in the video, Eisenman chants ‘Om’ while holding his daughter and the effect of the word on the baby is instantly visible, as she first stops crying, and then dozes off.

You can watch the video here.

The video since then has gone viral, and had over 36,000 shares at the time of writing. People seem to be loving this new trick.


Some parents also recollected their experience of having done the same.

There was also one who tried it after watching the video, and could not help thanking Eisenman.