Video: Weed Nuns talking about spirituality is the coolest thing you will watch today

Video: Weed Nuns talking about spirituality is the coolest thing you will watch today

These nuns believe that if Jesus lived, he would have smoked up too. Can they get any cooler? Well, probably not as actress Aubrey Plaza would agree. So, who wants to meet these nuns and hang out? We do!

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How cool is this? (WatchCut video/Youtube)

The word ‘nun’ evokes a rather a sombre image of someone stern wearing a habit. The one who has shunned all the materialistic pleasures of life, and has dedicated her life to God. This image may well be true but can you imagine nuns smoking weed, and saying that Jesus lived he probably smoked weed?


Well, you’re permitted to be shocked but that does not mean they don’t exist. Yes, you read that right. There are nuns known as ‘weed nuns’ who grow marijuana and talk about spirituality, while taking long drags from a joint. Recently, actress Aubrey Plaza sat down with Sisters of the Valley, also known as weed nuns and spoke about spirituality, marijuana and, you guessed it, Jesus Christ. Plaza was promoting her convent-set film comedy The Little Hours.

Watch the video here.

One of them, Sister Kate, revealed that they founded the ‘convent’ in 2011 after being aware of Michelle Obama’s efforts to revamp the nutrition of school lunches.”Michelle Obama tried to talk to Congress about how unhealthy our children’s meals are. Congress declared pizza a vegetable because it made our children’s meals look healthier than they are. So I declared myself a nun. I said, ‘If pizza is a vegetable, I’m a nun.'” she said. The video ends with Plaza expressing her desire to be a weed nun as well.

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