Watch: This video of Ed Sheeran opening up about his stuttering problems is inspiring

Watch: This video of Ed Sheeran opening up about his stuttering problems is inspiring

The singer says, he could overcome it, everyone can and it's possible and just keep believing.

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British pop star Ed Sheeran said he has stuttering problem in his childhood.. (Source: Reuters)

The world has been in love with Ed Sheeran and his awesome music. His latest single ‘Shape of You’ has gripped the entire world and from Bhangra Mix and Bollywood spoof videos to mind-blowing choreography, everyone just can’t have enough of it.

With so much success, we often presume that the life of our favourite stars is a bliss with privileges and without much of struggle. But they too are humans who have fought against their weakness and showed us how to rise.

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The British songwriter and singer, Ed Sheeran recently spoke at the American Institute for Stuttering and shared his personal experiences. He said, “I was a very, very, very weird child”. Yes, the man who has been winning hearts with his amazing songs once suffered from stuttering. His will and dedication, however, helped him to win over it.

Watch video here


The video of Sheeran’s speech has been shared online and people just can’t stop talking about it. With the viral video that has over 27 million views, at the time of writing, has people respecting the singer even more. Netizens applauded him for being brave and for being such an inspiration.