WATCH: Chilling video of crocodile attacking a couple in swimming pool goes viral

WATCH: Chilling video of crocodile attacking a couple in swimming pool goes viral

Imagine getting into the pool after a long day, and there's something else lurking in there!

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A crocodile almost attacked a couple in Zimbabwe, while they were relaxing in their private swimming ppol. (Source: Thinkstock Images)

Ever since Steven Spielberg came up with his cult movie Jaws, people still think twice before going skinny-dipping in their pools or nearby beaches. For the uninitiated, the movie has a white shark in the movie that plays peek-a-boo with people while they go to chill in the waters. It also kills most of them.

Something eerily similar to the plot of the movie happened in real life. Only that there was no enormous, white shark involved. But before you heave a sigh of relief, we’d like to say that there was, however, a crocodile. A YouTube video uploaded recently shows a couple in Zimbabwe enjoying a late-night swim, only to have a crocodile tugging at the woman from underwater! What’s more, the couple was in their private swimming pool.

The video description on YouTube, however, seems to have an explanation to how the wild animal found its way to their residence.

Apparently, Zimbabwe has little or no rainfall in the latter part of the year. As a result, the water levels in Lake Kariba has dropped dangerously, thus affecting the natural ecosystem. Apparently, this is why the crocodile had strayed into the residence swimming pool.


The video shows the crocodile getting into the pool through what it looks like a water outlet. It is about to attack the man that he gets alerted and jumps out of the pool. While the woman tries to save herself, the reptile almost lunges onto her leg. She, however, manages to free herself.

Watch the video here

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