Watch: This Indian version of Mannequin challenge infused with demonetisation is amazing

Watch: This Indian version of Mannequin challenge infused with demonetisation is amazing

This hilarious video is a perfect ode to demonetisation.

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The video features all from selfies to Sonam Gupta jokes (Source: Be YouNick/Youtube)

Internet is going crazy over the mannequin challenges and everyday from celebrities to common people and even animals are becoming part of this new trend. As Internet is flocked by the attempts in various countries under several conditions from gyms to beaches—what would it look like if it happened in India?

Well, in India at this moment nothing seemed to be more appropriate than the challenge to be set in the backdrop of bank or ATM. As citizens have been queuing up to outside banks for hours to either withdraw or deposit, this definitely seems like a perfect scenario.

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An amazing video titled, ‘India’s Response To Mannequin Challenge’ perfectly captures every mood associated with demonetisation. From selfies with new Rs 2000 note, to Sonam Gupta bewafa hai, the elements in the clip is hilarious. It also includes people filling up the exchange slip to brawl with security guards – everything is so relatable that it will pinch you.


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The video uploaded by Youtube channel Be YouNick has impressed people and is also trending on the Internet.

The latest viral trend has seen public posing like a mannequin while music plays in the background. From FLOTUS Michelle Obama to Britney Spears, there are hardly any celebrities who have given it a miss. Not to forget the most ‘powerful’ mannequin challenge at the White House after the US Presidential Freedom Award that included stars like Tom Hanks, Robert De Niro and Ellen DeGeneres among others.

Watch video here

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