WATCH: This comedian has a perfect response for all those who think speaking in Hindi is embarrassing

Not 'classy' enough?

By: Trends Desk | Updated: November 26, 2016 1:33:18 pm
Nishant Tanwar aka Joke Singh Nishant Tanwar aka Joke Singh

How often have you met people who make it a point they communicate in English in public places because they’re afraid people will judge them for being less ‘classy’ or ‘educated’? So many people choose to speak in English despite Hindi being their mother tongue and knowing it fully. The major reason for such a behaviour is, of course, the fear of being judged and the mindset that speaking in English makes you look ‘cool’ and ‘modern’.

As a Quora user rightly makes the comparison, “Hindi is our national language as much as Hockey is our national game. Despite being national game, it doesnot enjoy the same status, fame, fan following enjoyed by cricket. It is the Cricket, which connects Kashmir to Kanyakumari. You have seen Bharat-Pakistan cricket match? Have you seen same vigour for Bharat Pakistan Hockey Match?”

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Talking about the same, comedian Nishant Tanwar aka Joke Singh hilariously puts across his point while stating examples of people who fall in the above mentioned category. He talks about people who have stayed in India all their lives but a 10-day trip to the United States changes their comfort level with Hindi. He also mentions the self-proclaimed ‘Grammar Nazis’, a candidly used term for people who have a knack of correcting people’s grammar.

Watch video here.

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