WATCH: These Delhi boys explain how air pollution is actually ‘beneficial’ in this satire video

The couples don't have to search a spot for themselves in a park to spend time together now, because who will see them holding hands in the smog anyway!

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Published: November 11, 2016 1:16:46 pm
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People in Delhi have been breathing in toxic air for quite some time now. The situation is just worsening day by day. But a lot of people don’t seem to understand the gravity of the situation.

Trying to drive home the point, a video with a satirical take on people in Delhi and their attitude towards the problem is now doing the rounds of the Internet. Spreading awareness about the worsening environment condition, the video shows two stereotypical Delhi boys who are absolutely indifferent to the pollution that is affecting Delhiites now. In fact, they actually explain the ‘benefits of pollution’. All in good humour, the guys in the short video by Nazar Battu Productions even cite hilarious instances as to why the pollution is after all, not a bad thing.

A reporter is shown discussing with them the difficulties people are facing in breathing in Delhi. The boys brush aside the effects as trivial, and start listing the “benefits” that people are actually deriving out of it – for instance, children are getting holidays from their school, the elderly can just stay back indoors and hospitals are getting more patients. What more, romantic couples do not have to worry over spending some private time in a park, because no one will see them holding hands in the smog anyway!

They even talk about how the poor politicians are going to benefit out of the Delhi pollution. Wondering how? Watch the video here.

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