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Saturday, July 21, 2018

WATCH: Would you get freaked out by this woman asking about graveyards, just like these guys did?

Are you brave enough to meet this woman and look into her eyes?

By: Trends Desk | Kolkata | Published: December 22, 2016 4:05:56 am
ghosts, ghost pranks, horror pranks, red eye lens, viral videos, trending videos, horror prank videos, spooky prank videos, ghost prank ideas, indian express, latest news People freaked out moment they saw her bloody red eyes. (Source: Love Rudrakash/ Youtube)

Imagine sitting in a park or a garden and suddenly a stylish beautiful woman comes up to you asking for directions. Well, we would all generally help and try to show her the way, but what if she wanted to go to a graveyard?! Yes, you come across a woman and she simply asks for your blood group and claims, preferring O+, you’ll sure praise the lord for having a different blood group.

Turns out, this woman took upon the task to ask people the way to jahannum/hell and shared her pains of not understanding how she “crashed” there. People initially were okay to offer help or exchange phone numbers, but everything changed the minute she looked up at them.

In this video, which makes for a hilarious watch, a woman went around Delhi scaring people ‘to death’. The change of people’s reaction moment she lifted her glares up is priceless. Men, who otherwise liked the idea of helping a damsel in distress in a white top and tattered jeans, who also asked directly for her number, were spooked and frightened to look into her eyes.

The video, uploaded by Love Rudrakash on Youtube, has gone viral in just two days since it was uploaded.

Watch video here

For those of you who may have experienced unearthly guests, tell us if you find any similarities?

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