Watch: Video of rat chasing cat sparks Internet debate

In this video of a real-life Tom and Jerry, it's Jerry who gives Tom a chase around the house as he squeals and jumps in fright.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: May 22, 2016 5:06:15 pm
Viral videos, real-life Tom and Jerry, rat chases cat, rat gives cat a chase, funny videos This funny video of a rat giving chase to a cat has rightfully gone viral, but social media users are not impressed. (Source: Daily Mail/Facebook)

The chase sequences in Tom and Jerry were always the best and everyone remembers how Jerry always outwitted Tom in the end. In this video, originally posted on Chinese social media site Sino Weibo, it’s Jerry again who has the last laugh.

Watch the video here.

In this role-reversal, the rat is giving the cat a chase, who jumps and squeals in fright as the rat teases it by coming too close. The video has, of course, gone viral because of how funny it is, but social media users have mostly slammed the owner for filming the video.

Most were concerned over the hygiene of the house and the fact that rats spread diseases.

One Facebook user commented, “Maybe if the owner cleaned up the filth in the house then he wouldn’t have to watch his cat being mauled by a rat.”

Another commented,”Don’t kill the rat that carries diseases. Instead, video it chasing and biting your cat. This owner doesn’t deserve a cat. This seriously pisses me off to see this and hear the cat cry out from being bit!!!”

“Poor cat. That was NOT funny. Your cat is probably going to get rat bite fever, and if not treated in a timely manner will die. Shame on you.”

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