WATCH: Python attacks man who was trying to click selfie with it

WATCH: Python attacks man who was trying to click selfie with it

Think twice before clicking pictures with animals, especially if it is a python.

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This man did not have a good time clicking selfies. (Source: ANI/YouTube)

The people have always loved clicking selfies, be it at the movies, at a party or even when home alone. Or in a zoo, even. People love to click pictures of animals, and get theirs clicked with the animals in the background. Just some harmless selfie fun. Right? May be, that is what this man thought too, when he decided to click a selfie with a python. Yes, for most people, pictures are memories, and in this man’s case, he will always remember this as the selfie he tried to take while getting almost bitten by the python. Also, we would recommend people to not get inspired by this man’s antics and think twice if you think this is a fascinating idea.


This incident took place recently in Rajasthan’s Mount Abu district where the forest department caught a python from a hotel there. The hotel staff alerted the forest department of the venomous snake on loose in the premises and the officials reached there in no time and caught it.

The video shows a man trying to immortalise the moment by clicking a picture with the snake, after all that is the ongoing trend. The python which was obviously annoyed anyway did not appreciate the man’s bad timing and tried to make his displeasure known by attacking him.

Watch the video here. 

According to reports, the man narrowly escaped and is not injured. Tell us what you thought about the video in the comments section.