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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Watch: This man just stopped street fight with (wait for it) — Pizza!

This pizza-man is winning hearts and making pizza not war!

By: Express Web Desk | Kolkata | Published: October 25, 2016 2:43:19 pm
pizza, pizza video, pizza man, street fight, street fight footage, pizza man stop street fight, pizza stops street fight, viral cctv video, funny video, viral video, trending video, latest news, indian express Make pizza, not war! This guy is a hero, truly. Someone give this guy a year of free pizzas. (Source: Tio Jin/Twitter)

We all know how ugly street fights can turn. We get scared when we see a brawl happening right before us and are taken aback as to how it may end. Mostly, people prefer to remain just a mere spectator to the event as you may never know to land with a few punches yourself! But there are a few Samaritans who would go an extra mile to stop the fight.

Now, if you saw two guys get into a fight in the middle of the street, how would you approach such a situation ensuring all is well? Not sure, then watch this amazing video that has gone viral. The CCTV footage shows a guy punching the other and cramping him to the ground, like a desi dangal. The entire brawl occurs outside what it seems an eatery. While the duo in black tussle it out, many pedestrians pass by without really doing anything but watching.

Enters our hero with a pizza in his hand, and what follows next is deliciously awesome. He not only intervenes but manages to stop the fight. Almost miraculously, the angry guys calm down. Thinking why? Well had to be, who wouldn’t cease to exist seeing a cheesy pizza? In style, balancing the large pan on his one hand he separates the two and hands them each a slice! The fight stops and they head to different directions. Isn’t that just amazing?

Well, the footage shared on Twitter and had been re-tweeted over 12,000 times, at the time of writing. Though many have argued that the brawl was “staged” and no way could it have happened otherwise, others thought it was a “cool” way to get free pizza.

Whatever may be the scenario, this pizza man is winning hearts and making pizza not war!

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