Watch: Lion charges at a toddler at a zoo in Japan

Watch: Lion charges at a toddler at a zoo in Japan

The lion charged at the two-year-old boy the moment he turned his back on it.

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Watch what happened when a lion charged at a little boy in a zoo in Japan. (Source: NTV News24 English/Facebook)

Remember when going to the zoo was a family outing and a chance to see wild animals tamed, especially big cats? It was a similar outing to the Chiba zoological park for a family of a two-year-old toddler in Chiba, Japan.

In the video, the boy and a lion observe each other for a moment. The moment the boy turns his back on it, the lion charges at him.

Watch the video here.

The lion — weighing over 180kg — ends up slamming onto the glass barrier with all of his enormous weight. The lion can be seen scrambling after the collision, as if a little confused. What is remarkable, though, is that the toddler doesn’t seem terrified by the almost-encounter with the king of the jungle, just a little bit startled.

The zookeepers explained that the lion often gets excited upon seeing children and reacts out of a friendly instinct.

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