Watch: Kanpur akahara pehalwans worship ‘Sultan’ Salman Khan for inspiring them to get back into shape

Watch: Kanpur akahara pehalwans worship ‘Sultan’ Salman Khan for inspiring them to get back into shape

The video of wrestlers at Kanpur's Chandu Akhara thanking Salman Khan for motivating them to get back into shape has gone viral online

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The wrestlers of Chandu Akhara thank Sultan Salman Khan for fitness inspirations, by performing an aarti. (Source: ANI video)

There is no denying the kind of cult-like status that Sultan Salman Khan enjoys among Indians who are into bodybuilding. From those in the film fraternity to those in the fitness industry, the appreciation for Khan’s fitness regime and body is unanimous and unequivocal. In fact, another Khan – Aamir Khan – has gone on record to praise the kind of fitness levels exhibited by the Sultan at a recent interview.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when a video of wrestlers from an akhara in Kanpur worshipping a photo of Salman Khan – thanking him for inspiring them to work out – started doing the rounds.

According to reports, after watching Khan’s blockbuster hit Sultan and the kind of amazing moves that the actor pulls off in it, the pehalwans of Chandu Akhara in Kanpur were extremely inspired to re-enter the wrestling ring with an aim of getting back into shape.

In the video, the wrestlers are shown performing an aarti of Khan’s photo as they repeatedly shout “Jai Sultan”. The wrestlers seem to range from teenagers to adult men well in the 30s and 40s. After performing the puja, the wrestlers prep to get their ‘Sultan’ training started by getting into the ring and performing the same kind of ‘dhobi-pachhad’ moves that Khan was seen doing the movie.

Watch the video here.


According to reports, these wrestlers in Kanpur were not the only ones to be inspired by Khan. Some kids in Hyderabad were also motivated by Sultan to join wrestling, and the local akharas have started getting more and more enquiries ever since the film was released on June 6.