WATCH: Joyful elephant’s ‘football show’ halts traffic in Assam

WATCH: Joyful elephant’s ‘football show’ halts traffic in Assam

A recent video that has gone viral shows a cute elephant cub coming out of forest to enjoy a football game.

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An elephant playing with tin can on road. (Source: Caters TV/YouTube)

Do you love to play football? Kicking a ball straight into the right court makes young children feel like winners. But, it’s not just humans who adore the game. Did you know that elephants are huge fans of the sport too? Well, an intriguing video that has emerged on social media is proof enough! An elephant plays football on the street, but with a new twist in the 53-second video. Even though it didn’t have a team to accompany him, it continued to merrily play along with a plastic container on the road.

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Due to the baby elephant’s joyful play, the traffic in Assam halted for atleast 30 minutes and a few vehicles had to change their route to reach on time. Meanwhile, others had to face inconvenience for a while in their cars until he finished his game. Despite all these difficulties, few passers-by spent their time watching this exuberant and sprightly elephant cub.

The video was captured by Akshoi Gogoi while on his way back from a road trip to home with his friends. Shared by Caters TV on YouTube, it has amassed over 60,000 views so far.

Watch the video here.


Isn’t it cute?