Watch: Ivory Coast artists sing ‘Can’t Scare Us’ at terror attack site in response to Al Qaeda

Watch: Ivory Coast artists sing ‘Can’t Scare Us’ at terror attack site in response to Al Qaeda

A week after Al Qaeda attacked a beach resort, a bunch Ivorians returned to the terror site to film 'Meme Pas Peur' as a response to the terrorists.

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“Because of 70 virgins, you kill innocent people,” go the lyrics of the song Meme Pas Peur — which roughly translates as ‘can’t scare us’ — sung by Ivory Coast musicians on the very beach attacked by Al Qaeda on March 13. The Ivorians wished the Al Qaeda to Know they are not afraid of their terror tactics. (Source: African Hit via YouTube)

Even as the world mourns the Brussels attack, another terror victim — Ivory Coast — emerged from mourning on the same day. On the day Brussels was attacked, a bunch of Ivory Coast musicians congregated at the Grand Bassam beach — where a terror attack took place on March 13, killing 19 people — and recorded a music video. The song titled ‘Meme Pas Peur’ roughly translates as ‘Can’t Scare Us’ or ‘We’re Not a Bit Afraid’. Watch it here.

It’s a happy, uplifting song that radiates its philosophy. Several Ivory Coast musicians ans actors came to gether for the video. They call themselves ‘Collectif Bassam’ — or the Bassam Collective — in solidarity with Grand Bassam, the terror site.

The song’s music producer, Chico Lacoste, said, “Ivory Coast has been hit, but they haven’t knocked us down. Ivorians will stand up and resist.” “Coming back to the scene of the attacks is the best way to tell the terrorists the people of Ivory Coast are strong and will not be cowed,” said Safiatou Traore, a local TV soap opera star.

The lyrics of the song address the terrorists’ ideology — such as “you kill innocents for lost causes”, “What are you doing on the beaches? Because of 70 virgins, you kill innocent people”, “In the name of God, you there, you won’t go to paradise”, “Islam is a religion that promotes love, you kill innocents for lost causes”.

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